Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ.

Fear Not: “Write On”

There are times I have complete writer’s block for fear of grammatical error, crazy spelling or inability to communicate a point. I will know in my spirit that The Lord has given me a message to convey but I will let fear and doubt block the page!

I am grateful for the edit button but sometimes I just want to push “publish” and sometimes I have; hence the posts with the most mistakes :). Notice I said “most” mistakes, because even when I have used the edit button and made the appropriate changes, I will often still find typos in my published piece.

Editing before we publish and thinking before we speak are excellent habits! However, that process is not fool proof either. “Slip-ups” and typos can still occur. I am learning to aim for “excellence “, not perfection. My self-defense mechanism is to completely shut down: quit writing, quit speaking, quit anything for fear of a mistake. I know that is not what God wants us to do! If He entrusts us with HIS messages and HIS gifts and it is our responsibility and blessing to share them, even if the occasional typo or stutter is published or preached!

Pray, ponder and prepare but then DO THE THING! Whatever God created you to do: write, preach, paint, run, sing, dance, __________(fill in the blank) Do not let fear of failure send you into “analysis paralysis”. Learn from mistakes, correct them when possible, and strive for excellence, not perfection!

2 Tim 2:14-15a-“Do your very best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. Avoid godless chatter…”

This verse encourages me to stay immersed in God’s word, while relying on divine revelation to understand it! HE alone enables us to correctly handle the word if truth and avoid godless chatter! Next, we SHARE HIS TRUTH, trusting “open your mouth wide and HE will fill it”(Psalm 81:10) God is faithful! HE will speak to and through us, as we simply make ourselves available!

Dear Lord,
You say “Do not fear” over 300 times in your word. Help me to no live in fear of failure. Help me do my best with what YOU have given me and may YOU receive all the glory from my story!


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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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