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My Day 13 of 500 Words: More from “Intentional Living”: Who are we grateful for and why? Write it down!

The John Maxwell Co. – Intentional Living After my husband read aloud these 3 questions yesterday from John Maxwell’s book, “Intentional Living”: What do you cry about? What do you sing about? What do you dream about? I decided to comb through the book tonight for the inspiration for my next 500 words.  It did not take me long to […]

My Day 12 of 500 Words: Finding My “Why”: Responding to “Intentional Living” by John Maxwell

“Intentional Living” by John Maxwell My husband and I “parallel read” first thing most mornings.  I call it “parallel read” because it reminds me of a psychological developmental term: “parallel play”: a form of play among a group of children, primarily toddlers, in which each engages in an independent activity that is similar to but not influenced by or shared with […]