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“It is more than OK to say NO sometimes.” January 5, 2015

If, over time, changing our YES to a NO enables us to love better, then that NO becomes our #BestYes!    

My Day 12 of 500 Words: Finding My “Why”: Responding to “Intentional Living” by John Maxwell

“Intentional Living” by John Maxwell My husband and I “parallel read” first thing most mornings.  I call it “parallel read” because it reminds me of a psychological developmental term: “parallel play”: a form of play among a group of children, primarily toddlers, in which each engages in an independent activity that is similar to but not influenced by or shared with […]

My Day 10 of 500 Words: What Does Freedom Mean To You?

“Freedom Writers” is my favorite movie.  I love a true story of hope, life change, unity, reconciliation, love, and freedom. Who doesn’t, right? I have the extreme privilege of journal writing with teenage girls.   This journal writing journey began in 2010 at a local, public middle school.  At first, all I did was sat in the parking lot and […]

Compel Training

I am celebrating signing up for Compel and responding to a Compel post today.  I  look forward to getting started with 101 training this weekend.   Below is the reply I posted, so I thought I might add it to the “memorial stones” I keep on psalm8110.  As I look back through my writings, I see God’s faithfulness and fingerprints […]