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L.I.S.T.E.N : 6 Steps to Add Value Through Intentional Hearing

We show our love for God by loving others, and that can look a variety of different ways.  God gives us opportunities everyday to be His hands, feet, eyes and ears.   If we pray for God to reveal these opportunities, HE is faithful and will do it, but I am finding that MY ABILITY is rarely the prerequisite.  AVAILABILITY […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: May 28, 2015

 Why is it so much easier to believe what we “hear” the mirror say versus what those who love us most and The One Who made us says? May we choose to listen to the voices of love over the shouts of a liar (the enemy of our soul) TODAY!  *One clue ,as to who we are hearing, is if […]

Who defines our value? May 27, 2015

If we think we get our value From positions that we hold, Then we labor with no peace For the silver and the gold.   If we think we get our value From the hands that we shake, We frolic in the shallow True friendships we won’t make.   When we KNOW we get our value From the ONE who […]