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(Week 18) The Art of Mothering

**Take a moment to watch the video below-A beautiful example of “The Art of Mothering” lived out! Davidson Farms, A home for Girls-Coming 2017 YouTube **Please also take the time to listen to Jamie Ivey’s Podcast below, celebrating motherhood! She interviews 4 mothers with very different stories but each leaving you encouraged and empowered to cultivate “the art of mothering.” […]

(Week 1) “The Fruit of Freedom: 2016 Is My 9th Year of Freedom”

#BreakthroughOrBust2016 I listed my blogging goals for 2016 in the post, “Be Alert! Be Present! I’m about to do something BRAND NEW!” This is the first full week of 2016 and this is post #1 of 52 for 2016. Below is painting #1 of 52 for 2016: THE FRUIT OF FREEDOM I am a number girl; so I did a […]

The God of Breakthrough: January 1, 2016

A great way to kick off 2016! Prepare to be blessed by this “breakthrough” message and reminder! God has breakthrough for ALL of us! Are you ready? I am! Happy New Year!

“Becoming Like a Child” by Katie Taylor

**I am sharing a blog post by one of my dear friends, Katie Taylor, thefirstdayofspring.net. She and I Co-founded a “city-site” after #Catalyst2014, ourcityonahill.net in an effort to bring our take-aways home with us.  The goal was to connect the bright spots of Christ in our community and bring out the “God Colors” in our areas of influence. Katie Taylor expresses […]

When Ruins and Royalty Collide

She was born in ruins AND she always wondered WHY? She looked around AND often found she could not see the sky. It made no sense, she sometimes thought, to be here without hope; SO She changed her gaze and looked for days AND THEN she saw the ROPE! She met a Man, a Scarlet Thread, extended to her hand. […]