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When Ruins and Royalty Collide


She was born in ruins


she always wondered WHY?

She looked around


often found she could not see the sky.

It made no sense, she sometimes thought, to be here without hope;


She changed her gaze and looked for days


she saw the ROPE!

She met a Man, a Scarlet Thread,

extended to her hand.

He Pulled her up, the SON she saw,


suddenly she stands!

The world around her did not change


she laid her past aside.

Her future is a Heavenly Home,

When ruins and Royalty collide!


I journal write with girls at a local school.  We are called the Freedom Writer’s, totally inspired by the original Freedom Writer’s and Erin Gruwell.

Each week we meet and I give out a topic.  We write and then we share.  Something that sounds so simple has been life changing for me.  I am blessed beyond belief to journey with Jesus and these amazing young women.

Last week we talked about parables and then we each wrote one.  We discussed some of Jesus’ parables in the Bible and then wrote our own based on this parable definition:

Parable: a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson

After sharing each parable we had to guess what the moral or spiritual lesson was.  We had a blast!

Can you guess what the BOTTOM-LINE of  “When Ruins and Royalty Collide”  is?

Mark Batterson is one of my favorite preachers and he is a master at “one-liners” that  I remember(and Tweet) and apply to my life.    I need to add Andy Stanley to the “one-liner” Hall of Fame as well.

Some BOTTOM-LINES I think about (literally) everyday:

Stay humble-stay hungry
Work like it depends on me-Pray like it depends on God
What is the WISE thing to do?
Set my guardrails far away from the edge of the cliff
The wise see danger and take refuge, the simple keep going and suffer for it! (I know that is a Bible verse but Andy Stanley said it so many times I will never get it out of my brain and heart-THANK GOD LITERALLY!)

Below are some photos of our Freedom Writer time.  There is so much love and joy and authenticity in this room that I had to share!

 (A “selfie-session” is just to good to keep to one’s self!)




 To God Be All The Glory!


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