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My Day 4 of 500 Words

2015 rocks on … Take what makes your heart sing and scrap the rest. This gold is not a loan. Anything you glean of value from these words please feel free to claim them as your own. And pay forward anything you deem fit. **I feel that it is necessary to add this disclaimer HERE, so that I don’t have […]

When Ruins and Royalty Collide

She was born in ruins AND she always wondered WHY? She looked around AND often found she could not see the sky. It made no sense, she sometimes thought, to be here without hope; SO She changed her gaze and looked for days AND THEN she saw the ROPE! She met a Man, a Scarlet Thread, extended to her hand. […]

Trash for Glory

#TBT one from the archive that so encouraged me and reminded me of God’s faithfulness!

Redefining The Golden Years

  Have you seen the movie “The Good Lie”? If not, I highly recommend you get it on On-Demand. It is the story of Sudanese refugees who come to America. They survive great suffering and loss; yet, their commitment to God and each other grows deeper through their pain. In the movie, the refugees are asked what their birthday’s are […]