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Sorority Rush Prayer #7

Today is the last day in the Sorority Rush Prayer series. My hope is that universities, parents of anyone going through rush or knowing anyone going through rush, and all sisters-in-Christ would link arms and circle the Greek houses and the rushees choosing to go through in prayer. Rush week has the beautiful potential to […]

Sorority Rush Prayer #6

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.  I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!” Lamentations 3:22-24 (NLT) Lord, as you wake your daughters each morning during this rush week, woo them to […]

How Do You Define Kingdom Culture? (Diverse Not Divided; Unique We Stand United)

In light of the racial turmoil in our country, I wanted to share a video that is a beautiful reminder of the opportunity we have before us, as The Church, to stand united, yet unique, diverse, yet not divided! We stand shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, to love and serve a lost, lonely and hurting […]

To Those Who Have Been Hurt By Christians

To Those Who Have Been Hurt by Christians I love to write and I love to listen to podcasts. I did a 500 word per day writing challenge primarily because of The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins. I am constantly searching for creative or writing podcasts to listen to while running, and I stumbled upon […]

Rush: 2017 Sorority Prayer

These GREEK letters do not define you, but these 3 letters do: H-I-S It is that time of year again.  Rush is about to start at universities all around the country. Girls are gearing up. Let us link arms and be praying them up together! Dear Lord, I lift up every precious daughter of YOURS […]

(re)fresh: Revisiting Timeless Teachers with Fresh Eyes

  #Inwiththeold is the hashtag a friend of mine uses for her antique store. I have the pleasure of working alongside her and I am continually inspired by past remnants that are restored, revived, repurposed or renovated to be relevant in the present. Revisiting the timeless is leading me to rivers of (re)freshment and I […]

Writing a Book Proposal: Little Did I Know

To all of the faithful followers of this blog, I wanted to apologize for my posting inconsistency his year.  I have found it almost impossible to blog, while attempting to write my first book proposal. WRITING A BOOK PROPOSAL IS MY CURRENT EVEREST! It is a mountain I have purposefully chosen and one completely foreign […]

Unapologetically, I Declare: Jesus is God; Jesus is God’s Son and Jesus Is My Savior and Lord

This is Easter week 2017 and as I think about Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I can’t help but drop to my knees in gratitude.  I see the bloodied cross followed by the empty tomb and I hear my God, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, saying, “I LOVE YOU THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ETC… (TIMES INFINITY) MUCH!” I don’t hear a hint […]

UBER Is So Kingdom

Our 6 a.m. UBER ride culminated in prayer with an Iranian refugee, who chose Christ over Islam. He said we were an answer to his early morning God-request, yet he was the answer to ours. How we missed the tiny, but boldly visible, cross hanging from his rearview mirror, I will never know.  As we […]

Jesus Is Missing

Jesus Is Missing: Losing the Messiah in the midst of Religious Tradition “His parents didn’t miss HIM at first.”(Lk.2:43) If Jesus’ went “missing” with HIS own parents in the midst of all the hubbub of their  religious tradition and celebration, is it possible we might MISS JESUS in the midst of religious tradition too? Ticked […]