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Blue – #5 Lent Painting

These pour paintings have been a messy, marvelous, new adventure! No paintbrush comes into play and I have very little control as to what the design turns out to be. I get to choose my colors, dump the paint on a canvas and tilt the canvas until the surface and sides are covered. I splattered a few more color highlights […]

A Sacrifice of Praise – #1 Lent Painting

This Lent I hear God asking me to get creative with a sacrifice of praise. Instead of giving up something, I am leaving something beautiful behind. I am going to exercise my creative muscles for His Glory every day this Lent. Today is day 1 and I am being obedient. I wrote for the first time in a while on […]

Meaningful Write Now: 5 Reasons to Journal in the Moment

Meaningful Write Now: 5 Reasons to Journal in the Moment As a little girl I kept a diary. I have to admit I often wondered, “WHO is Diary anyway?” I was not sure why I thought she/he/it cared about my day but I updated Dairy nonetheless. Upon finding my earliest diaries, I saw drawings and phonetically spelled poetry and love […]

GENTalks Episode 24: The Blank Canvas of Marriage (Part 1)

Click here for iTunes link to GENTalks Podcast   A blank canvas is a beautiful metaphor for marriage. Different mediums, colors, textures etc… come together building something new, one brushstroke at a time.  Mess-ups happen along the way but new brushstrokes come in to make masterpieces out of those messes.   New beginnings are always possible in painting and in […]

GENTalks Episode 22: Created To Create

Click Here for iTunes Link to GENTalks Episode 22 Kaitlin and Katie jump straight into a conversation about the creative in all of us. We are created to create. Do you believe that? Creating “your thing” is simply an act of obedience when you know God has asked you to write, paint, speak, sing, act, dance, etc… for “AN AUDIENCE […]

31 Days of Hindsight: 22 Will Have To Do

So today is the last day of “31 Days of Hindsight” and as you see, 22 is the new 31 for me:) One of the things I believe God is working on in my life is letting HIM set the goals AND chart the path. I have no doubt that HE asked me to take the “Hindsight Journey” but I […]

A Cinderella Story (Part 2) (Video included) (Week 43)

Check Out My 2016 Painting and Post Goals Story Behind The Painting: Above are both of the debutant paintings that found their way to the canvas dance!   I could not post the second “Cinderella” rendition until the gifts had been given.  I pray the paintings made the girls smile and reminded them of their royal position in Christ! ! […]

Spiritual Truths We Can Learn From Our Pets (Week 37)

Story Behind the Painting: Meet Bella! Several months ago, one of my best friends asked me to paint her yellow lab.  I saved the project to surprise her for her birthday. Happy birthday sweet Melissa:) LYLAS! If you look back through my art gallery, you will see several pet portraits in acrylic.  Bella is the first watercolor.  My artistic process […]

Vulnerability 101: Parenting Teens (Week 36) (Guest Artist: Virginia Wilson, my daughter:)

“Does Anyone Recognize This SUV?” I shared this beautiful work of art several months ago on my Facebook page.  Virginia is 17 and I still like to display her paintings for all the world to see:)  Little did I know, this masterpiece would be the perfect feature image for a future blog post. As parents, we want to give our […]

(Week 35) Waters Bluff: What’s in your wake?

Story behind the Painting: My oldest son, Jake, works for an awesome company, Waters Bluff.  The picture below is of their warehouse/office. Recently they commissioned me to paint a 3 piece acrylic panel to grace their walls. They had Jake send me a picture of a “bluff”, as inspiration for this creation. The above collage is the photo Jake sent […]