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Meaningful Write Now: 5 Reasons to Journal in the Moment

Meaningful Write Now: 5 Reasons to Journal in the Moment

As a little girl I kept a diary. I have to admit I often wondered, “WHO is Diary anyway?” I was not sure why I thought she/he/it cared about my day but I updated Dairy nonetheless.

Upon finding my earliest diaries, I saw drawings and phonetically spelled poetry and love notes to little boys who must have captured my heart. It appears I must have attempted to scrapbook at a young age too.

Not actually my diary but you get the picture!


I cut out pictures of couples or cartoons from greeting cards and glued them to numerous pages in Diary. I am not quite sure what I was trying to communicate but it must have been MEANINGFUL to me at the time. It was my little girl version of the drawings we may have seen on prehistoric cave walls. 


I was telling a story with pictures; althougth I haven’t the slightest idea about what.

Now in the second half of my 40s, I find those DIARIES prophetic. Little did I know then that writing and pictures would become lifelines to me as an adult. When I write and paint I know my Creator is smiling, I hear my Heavenly Father kindly speaking, I feel like clay being continually transformed and made new, I smell the sweet aroma of Christ and I taste and see that God is good and God made me. I now know DIARY was Holy Spirit and He cared more than any human ever could about my day, my dreams and my downcast moments.


I was divinely drawn to DIARY as a child and I am divinely drawn to dialogue with the Divine today.

I have an array of felt tip pens in a rainbow of colors that I use to journal my journey daily; but I also jot down MY MEANINGFUL on the notepad app on my phone. I do this to leave a bread crumb trail leading me to the lightbulb moments of my life. Theses little memorial stones along the way become the bigger pictures where God connects the dots of our Divine discussions, our Diary dictation.

When something grabs my attention, even when I don’t know why, I have learned to WRITE IT DOWN, and sooner or later the MEANINGFUL emerges.


1 — Writing down what makes us cry gives us a window into where our greatest passion (whether it be what breaks our heart or makes our heart sing) intersects with one of the worlds greatest needs. When we act in this intersection, we step into our purpose; we step into OUR MEANINGFUL.

2 — Writing down the beautiful gives us a glimpse of who we are becoming. We become what we behold and beauty if in the eye of the beholder. We don’t all gravitate to the same books, movies, paintings, songs etc… We find beauty in different places and in different ways. Instead of trying to train our eye to love what others love, maybe we are to gravitate toward the beauty we are divinely drawn to find OUR MEANINGFUL, not mutate into someone else’s?

3 — Writing down our questions makes our OWN MEANINGFUL map. The questions we log take us on a treasure hunt, a treasure hunt to find OUR GOLD, not the gold of another. We mine OUR MEANINGFUL as we dedicate our lives to being life long learners, realizing we will never “arrive” this side of Heaven but we will continue to BECOME in OUR MEANINGFUL.

4 — Writing down our memories reminds us where we’ve come from. Sometimes a memory will surface SEEMINGLY out of the blue; however, when we write it down we may find that it is a reminder of a lesson we’ve learned along the way that we need today. The MEANINGFUL in our past is a spotlight for the MEANINGFUL in our present.

5 — Writing down our dreams today gives us hope for OUR MEANINGFUL tomorrows. A goal not set is a goal not met. We are not all wired the same for a reason. We have different dreams because discovery is infinite and delightfully diverse. When we allow ourselves to dream big and start taking daily steps in that direction, our soul starts to sing, our divine design starts tracking with our divine destiny and our deep delight is an inner-indicator that we have moved into OUR MEANINGFUL!

Can we see why it is important to notice what we notice?

Can we define OUR MEANINGFUL?

When we know our MEANINGFUL, can we see the benefit of WRITING IT DOWN IN THE MOMENT?

If so, we will begin to live with this mantra, with this equation of:

If _________ then __________



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  1. I just can’t agree more! I have also been a life-long diary writer, but I’m only just now beginning to realize how much it can help to write in the moment. Thanks for sharing this, and I’m passing it along myself. Be blessed!

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