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Forward Brightly: Helping Our Service Members Find Normality

**Guest Post by: Rhonda Underhill  **Rhonda can be reached at Rhonda@getwellderly.com getwellderly.com For many of America’s service members and veterans, finding a lifestyle they enjoy or a home of their own can be a challenge after or during the breaks in service. Luckily, there are many ways you can help facilitate a return to normality – here are a few. […]

Seeing Things Differently

When was the last time you firmly believed something or thought you understood something, only to find you were completely off-base? Are you willing to believe your perspective could possibly be wrong? I have a mentor who always says, “If we lead with our weakness we will never run out of material.” I use that quote as the catalyst for […]

Just Write

I am exercising a muscle I almost forgot I had. I am “just writing” out of obedience to God and in defiance of the devil. Years ago God asked me to “take the journey before the people.” He spoke those words to me from Deuteronomy 10:11 and I knew, for me, it meant to take my writing journey public. I […]

If This Is the Last Time

*** Disclaimer: I have done a quick edit on the post below but I am pushing publish now knowing it is probably not perfect but it is hope filled. Today is my 51st birthday and writing this is my way of starting my new year off giving back. Closing out a year that seemed hopeless at times may this post […]

George Floyd Is My Son

George Floyd is my son. It’s personal. Until we start looking at news stories as if they are our children’s diaries, we will never be able to be a part of truly loving the world.  As followers of Christ, the only appropriate response to injustice is to personally step into the lives of others, feel their pain, cry their tears, […]


As 2020 begins, it may seem a little weird to kick it off with a January post entitled “Closings.” However, without closings we would never have new beginnings; therefore, they go hand in hand. I’m asking Holy Spirit to give us new eyes primed to see the multifaceted Kingdom colors only “closings” can uncover.  When I think of the word […]

Bethel Victory Tour: Katie with a “K”

**Click the instagram link for Bethel Music’s Jenn Johnson below to see this Holy moment for yourself! https://www.instagram.com/p/B3fVAjxngJT/?igshid=19jf4onh6mcqo For those who attended the Bethel Victory Tour on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at the Grand Ole Opry and who stuck around until the very end, for times of ministry, prayer and a few prophetic words, HELLO – I am KATIE WITH […]

Write About Now

Several years ago the Lord asked me to “take the journey before the people.” I knew exactly what He meant when He asked me to take that leap of faith and this blog was birthed as my “yes” to His request. I knew that it would be risky but worthy business. I also knew that public writing was only going […]

The Value of Reflecting

In this graduating season of reflection, while many are all balloons and butterflies, there are some who struggle with regret and feelings of sadness. _ Many look back and automatically savor the moments of glory but many look back and seem to feel invisible, unimportant, devalued and worthless. _ Most of us, if honest, can look back and find an […]

Glory Garden – #6 Lent Painting

This small 10 X 10 canvas holds much weight. In fact, as I prayed, painted, worshipped and followed Holy Spirit’s lead, I felt the full weight of Glory. He spoke directly to my heart and expressed His message through my hand and onto this canvas pouring out a specific anointing on this particular piece. These are some of the words […]