Risky and Worthy Business

“Could you please step back mam? And may I ask what you are doing?” Stepping out in obedience to God, I braved international travel without the security of my husband, and I somehow managed to stump Customs. How could Customs not know what I was doing?  I confidently moved in, perfectly postured before the machine.…


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All Is Well (Really?)

When we hear, ALL IS WELL, do we breathe a little easier, or do we immediately think, REALLY? WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON? WHATEVER!  I have to admit I can fall into both categories. However,  I am still a sucker for a WELL story, stories that start WELL, go WELL and end WELL! Deep…


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Fear Fractured

Fear is real; although, what we fear may not be. In other words, fear appears to be dictated by perception, NOT NECESSARILY REALITY. Let me explain my thesis in light of personal experience. It was 1996 and our lives were on the cusp of the great unknown. Nestled up in my safe, sweet-spot, spooning my…


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GENTalks Episode 11: HE Trumps Me

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gentalks-episode-11-he-trumps/id1169472298?i=1000380550895&mt=2 Join in Katie and Kaitlin’s conversation about the many ways GOD’s plans trump their own plans every time! The heartbeat behind each of these conversations is to encourage, share each other’s joy and pain and inspire others to connect with the generations around them. We are #bettertogether! Sift out the gold; go to the…


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