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Creativity: Getting Creative Sowing into My City

Ok friends, trying to get creative with ways to sow into God’s Kingdom. I want to give back to my city!!!So, this month I will paint something for the first request:) And instead of paying me anything, I have decide this painting will be in honor of The James A. Lane Boys and Girls Club, so upon receiving your painting […]

(Week 25) The Best is Yet to Come

*Thinking about a new format for my weekly painting/post.  I will start with the story behind the painting and conclude with a “take-away” treasure that will hopefully leave a beauty mark on your day! Story behind the painting: Do you know people who truly live like they believe “the best is yet to come?” I do and they were the […]

(Week 17)”Let the Children Come”

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 NIV Last week, a friend asked if I would paint a picture of the church where her children go to preschool.  The painting would be auctioned off in the preschool fundraiser.  The answer was […]

(Week 15) Running With The Giants: Half Marathon Day

Running With The Giants #GiantsSeries Sometimes, a message is so significant to where you are in life,  it must be immortalized on the BLOG! When I am internalizing a WORD,  it helps me to rewrite my notes as I digest.  I pray this nourishes you as well; it would have been selfish of me not to share! Discipline in a […]

“Trash for Glory” (As Rewritten for Ourcityonahill.net)

**Below is a rewrite of a previous blog post that I shared here on Psalm8110.  I rewrote it for a local city blog that I Co-founded with a friend, ourcityonahill.net .  I pray you enjoy the rewrite and that it adds value to your world. I would love to have your feedback:) Read and Write On!    Trash for Glory Phil […]

“Our Light was Never Meant to be Little”

I am part of a local Community website, Ourcityonahill.net , and I recently shared “Our Light was Never Meant to be Little” for the weekly “Soul Food” post. I wanted to share here as well.  It is where God has been speaking to me, so I thought it may speak to someone else also. “This Little Light of Mine” is one of […]

April 26, 2015 Word Picture (Suit up and Pray On)

The take-aways are eternal, priceless and numerous from Priscilla Shirer Live yesterday in Huntsville!  Thank you again for coming to ourcityonahill.net – Huntsville, Alabama!!!!  We are eternally grateful victors and the curtain has been pulled back. The enemy is exposed and we are SUITING UP and PRAYING ON DAILY!!!  GoGod     Not sure how this is the only picture […]

Mission Moments: Zack Penney

Misson Moments: Zack Penney I was blessed to be in a small group with Zack’s sister, Ginger, for several years.  The entire Penney family is a beautiful picture of Christ’s love, goodness, and generosity.  It was a tremendous honor to share Zack’s Jesus adventure in Kampala with the Downtown Living Newsletter and it is a tremendous honor to share on […]

Selma: Learning from the Past

Defining moments do just that.  You start out one person and from that moment forward you are forever redefined! About a month ago, I had the beautiful blessing of sitting down with Dr. Sonnie Hereford III and 3 friends.  Dr. Hereford marched in Selma 50 years ago.  His medical expertise, coupled with his compassionate, Christ-centered heart positioned him to be […]