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GENTalks Episode 23: Wedding Ring or Boxing Ring?

 Click Here for iTunes: GENTalks Episode 23: Wedding Ring or Boxing Ring?   As Kaitlin enters the final stretch before her wedding, just a few weeks away, this conversation revolves around the loving “ins and outs” of THE RING. Which is it, THE WEDDING RING or THE BOXING RING? Good advice is timeless. Whether we are single, dating, engaged, newly […]

First Wednesday: John Maxwell

First Wednesday at Church of the Highlands was a beautiful tear-jerker for me last night! From the first chord of “What A Beautiful Name” by Hillsong, the floodgates opened on my face! I was a hot mess, and I am crying again just typing this- my cup and eyes overfloweth! **John Maxwell loved well last night in this service! If […]

(Week 15) Running With The Giants: Half Marathon Day

Running With The Giants #GiantsSeries Sometimes, a message is so significant to where you are in life,  it must be immortalized on the BLOG! When I am internalizing a WORD,  it helps me to rewrite my notes as I digest.  I pray this nourishes you as well; it would have been selfish of me not to share! Discipline in a […]

My Day 13 of 500 Words: More from “Intentional Living”: Who are we grateful for and why? Write it down!

The John Maxwell Co. – Intentional Living After my husband read aloud these 3 questions yesterday from John Maxwell’s book, “Intentional Living”: What do you cry about? What do you sing about? What do you dream about? I decided to comb through the book tonight for the inspiration for my next 500 words.  It did not take me long to […]

My Day 12 of 500 Words: Finding My “Why”: Responding to “Intentional Living” by John Maxwell

“Intentional Living” by John Maxwell My husband and I “parallel read” first thing most mornings.  I call it “parallel read” because it reminds me of a psychological developmental term: “parallel play”: a form of play among a group of children, primarily toddlers, in which each engages in an independent activity that is similar to but not influenced by or shared with […]