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Sit With Me

This is the beginning of my 11th year of freedom.  January has become my leaning in and listening month, -resting in God’s Presence, -writing what He whispers -and waiting on the MORE He promises and delivers. I don’t typically share the January private moments on the blog but I felt the Lord asking me to post my journal response to […]

GENTalks is now: And Then There’s That…A Multigenerational Conversation

Click here for episode in iTunes Season 2 of GENTalks kicks off with a new Title: And Then There’s That…A Multigenerational Conversation   Kaitlin and Katie are back for the first time since Kaitlin got married. She is now Kaitlin Chappell Rogers. This is also the first episode since they returned from their adventure to She Speaks 2017.   Todays […]

To Those Who Have Been Hurt By Christians

To Those Who Have Been Hurt by Christians I love to write and I love to listen to podcasts. I did a 500 word per day writing challenge primarily because of The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins. I am constantly searching for creative or writing podcasts to listen to while running, and I stumbled upon one yesterday that truly made […]


Yesterday at my church, Church of the Highlands, we had the most beautiful voice singing a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song! Check it out below. Prepare to be blessed and get ready for a Holy Goosie moment, an arm-hair raiser!  Song at Church of the Highlands Our country may be broken and divided in a lot of places but […]

31 Days of Hindsight: Day 13

**Check out Day 12 for the prelude to this post! __________________________________________________ 31 Days of Hindsight: Day 13 ***Ok readers, I kid you not! As I was typing the declaration below, I got a text from a sweet sister asking for prayer over an ABUSIVE SITUATION! I promise you that that is not an average text for me.  How present and good […]

First Wednesday: John Maxwell

First Wednesday at Church of the Highlands was a beautiful tear-jerker for me last night! From the first chord of “What A Beautiful Name” by Hillsong, the floodgates opened on my face! I was a hot mess, and I am crying again just typing this- my cup and eyes overfloweth! **John Maxwell loved well last night in this service! If […]

31 Days of Hindsight: Day 1

(Rica gets photo creds! I truly didn’t know she was taking a picture but thought this one captured the hindsight theme perfectly!) I am inspired by a dear friend of mine, Toya Poplar, who started a blog series “40 days to 40”, in which she is writing everyday until her 40th birthday.  Although I am well over 40, I too have […]

(Week 32) Bama Bound: Let’s Hear It For the Boys

Story Behind the Painting: This watercolor elephant is a graduation present for a friend’s son.  I asked her what I could possibly paint that a freshman boy might actually hang in his dorm and an elephant was the safest, school appropriate bet. Although the title gives it away, the elephant is intended to as well. He is “Bama Bound.” The […]

(Week 25) The Best is Yet to Come

*Thinking about a new format for my weekly painting/post.  I will start with the story behind the painting and conclude with a “take-away” treasure that will hopefully leave a beauty mark on your day! Story behind the painting: Do you know people who truly live like they believe “the best is yet to come?” I do and they were the […]

(Week 15) Running With The Giants: Half Marathon Day

Running With The Giants #GiantsSeries Sometimes, a message is so significant to where you are in life,  it must be immortalized on the BLOG! When I am internalizing a WORD,  it helps me to rewrite my notes as I digest.  I pray this nourishes you as well; it would have been selfish of me not to share! Discipline in a […]