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Sit With Me

This is the beginning of my 11th year of freedom.  January has become my leaning in and listening month,

-resting in God’s Presence,

-writing what He whispers

-and waiting on the MORE He promises and delivers.

I don’t typically share the January private moments on the blog but I felt the Lord asking me to post my journal response to His hug yesterday;


I am being obedient and sharing the overflow of my heart to my Jesus per His request. It is for His glory and for that I will do anything!

(Yesterday) January 15 – Day 9 of 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Word for the Day: FREEDOM

Morning Prayer Response:

Your love is FREEDOM.

What can we compare Your love to?

How can human words even attempt to express I LOVE YOU.

I know it’s not enough and I know it won’t touch the hem of your Glory

but it’s how I want to spend my life 

as a canvas ever-changing,

painting a life that sings YOUR STORY! 

Your love is like a balloon that rises with fire.

May my love reflect that rising, hot Holy Desire.

Your love is like an avalanche of snow,

Rushing down with weight and wind so that we can know,

Know Your touch, know Your breath, know Your heart 

So Your glory we will glow. 

When You said I was clean and pure,

I took You at Your word,

Of this one thing I am sure.

You made my ruby rags turn titanium white;

All I’ve down wrong, 

You alone make right. 

A life of gratitude is what I want to live.

Who am I to not

lavishly forgive?

Your love is like a sunset,

Color kissing all it can.

Lord You wrapped Yourself in skin.

Glory became man. 

You sit with me and talk to me.

I’m not a chore to You.

You get giddy just to see me

not because of what I do.

We have a special spot

where we like to sit and be. 

You bring me flowers just because 

We’re making a memory. 

Your book of surprises

must be beyond measure.

You never cease to amaze me

With Your abundance of treasure.


I’ve decide not to box You in 

Or try to figure You out.

I’m just gonna love You with all that I am

Choosing not to doubt. 

I am thankful for the mystery

because I know that You are GOOD!

You would not be God, but a glorified man,

If everything were understood.

Enough for now;

Enough from me.

Open my eyes

Let me see.

Close my mouth; open my ears

flood my heart; dry my tears.

Speak and hold; hug and show

Jesus love me; this I know!




As you step into 2018, I pray this post encourages you to sit with Jesus for a while, lean in, listen, let Him love on you and let Him lead. He will not disappoint.






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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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  1. Jay Wilson

    Thanks for sharing these sweet notes. Love you! Jay

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