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How Do You Define Kingdom Culture? (Diverse Not Divided; Unique We Stand United)

In light of the racial turmoil in our country, I wanted to share a video that is a beautiful reminder of the opportunity we have before us, as The Church, to stand united, yet unique, diverse, yet not divided! We stand shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, to love and serve a lost, lonely and hurting world, not facing inward in […]

GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar

GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar In Episode 8 Kaitlin and Katie have their first interview and it is live and local! Toya Poplar is the epitome of “Open-book living!” She is the author of “Stop Write There” (http://stopwritethere.com) “…an interactive journal that prompts you to probe your heart before and during the creative process. Whether you […]

Ornaments: More Than Decor (Week 48)

Story Behind the Painting: If you look closely at the feature image, you will notice that the ornaments are inspired by the painting above.  (Week 29) Angels and the Nations contains the story behind the larger canvas.  I hope you will take the time to read it now:)  The ornaments are available this Christmas and they are “more than decor”; they […]

Holiday Babies

As a New Years Eve baby, I echo my dear friend’s heart in this post! I know you will be blessed by her words and I hope you choose to subscribe to her blog , https://stopwritethere.wordpress.com ! You won’t be sorry but you will be inspired and challenged to take your next best step toward becoming all you were destined […]

31 Days of Hindsight: Day 1

(Rica gets photo creds! I truly didn’t know she was taking a picture but thought this one captured the hindsight theme perfectly!) I am inspired by a dear friend of mine, Toya Poplar, who started a blog series “40 days to 40”, in which she is writing everyday until her 40th birthday.  Although I am well over 40, I too have […]

Diverse But Not Divided: Reconciliation, Religion and Race (Week 44)

Check Out My 2016 Painting and Post Goals Story behind the Paintings: I am starting a new job in a near-by town.  A precious friend is opening an antique store and I have the beautiful blessing of being able to display my art there.  She sent me several pictures of the historic churches in her area and asked me to […]

Cotton: Life Fabric (Week 41)

Cotton: Life Fabric (Week 41) Story behind the Painting: My latest creation is a 3 panel acrylic of cotton.  I painted this series for a young lady who is like a daughter to me.  She just graduated from nursing school and is starting her first “career” job today. This one is for you CT!   When I asked her what […]

Racial reconciliation is so Kingdom!

I pray you are blessed by this message on racial reconciliation as a part of Thrive’s amazing “Thy Kingdom Come” study.  Diverse not divided, unique we stand united! 

Living Out Loud With Alley & Amanda: My Friend and Author, Toya Poplar, is Guest #23

Wanted to celebrate my beautiful friend and author, Toya Poplar. Check out the links below. Prepare to be inspired and encouraged! GoGod https://www.facebook.com/LivingoutLoudwithAlleyandAmanda/?pnref=story   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/living-out-loud-alley-amanda/id1044811857?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Flivingoutloud.today%2F%3Fp%3D407      

“Stop Write There” by Toya Poplar: Best Writing/Journaling Book Ever

Even if you don’t call yourself a writer, stop right here and order! It truly is the best journaling book I’ve read on life transformation and becoming who God intended us to be! The poetry is stunning, a reflection of the Author, Toya Poplar, a true woman after God’s own heart! Prepare to be blessed, changed, and full, yet hungry […]