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In the aftermath: #HonorThemSeek HIM

What I KNOW to be true from Scripture. (See Luke16:19-31)Whether or not our loved ones who have died before us are in Heaven or not, THEY WANT US IN HEAVEN!  If we truly want to make the death of our loved ones not in vain, go all in with Christ.  If they are not in Heaven, they are wildly waving […]

Pray for Orlando:Processing the Pain in Print and Pictures

As I ran this morning, I prayed and tweeted how my heart was processing the horror that happened in Orlando.  I leaned into the heartbreak and stepped into the shoes of the terrified and the grieving.  The adrenaline started, the tears streamed, and LOVE met me on the road.  HE helped my catch my breath.  HE stepped into the scene […]