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Pray for Orlando:Processing the Pain in Print and Pictures


As I ran this morning, I prayed and tweeted how my heart was processing the horror that happened in Orlando.  I leaned into the heartbreak and stepped into the shoes of the terrified and the grieving.  The adrenaline started, the tears streamed, and LOVE met me on the road.  HE helped my catch my breath.  HE stepped into the scene along side me and all of those still shaking their heads in shock.

I am a word processor; therefore, I will share my heart and head-space with you in writing. I am also a visual learner; therefore I will continue the process in pictures.

This is often how I pray!

We cannot grieve with Orlando if we’re gutting each other!

That shooting wasn’t about religion or sexuality. It was satan gunning for God’s kids. A spiritual battle and a “religion” battle are not synonymous.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Eph. 6:12 NASB


God uses people to do good. Satan uses people to do evil. The Orlando shooter was nothing more than a cowardly patsy in the hands of Satan. Every friend who covered, carried and cried with the wounded was a courageous instrument of light in the hands of God!

Dropping to our knees in prayer, we are perfectly positioned to hold the wounded, while God reminds satan his time is short!


As long as we are pointing fingers at people, we leave open doors for the enemy. A finger wrapped around the Father’s hand, cannot point!


Move toward the broken hearted and LOVE WELL!

thephoto 2

Fighting hate with hate is like pouring gas on a forest fire-evil & ignorant! Hate is ALWAYS HELL-BENT on Holocaust! May we remember who the true enemy is, Satan. We fight hate with LOVE and LOVE WON!



thephoto 3

Lavishly love those in front of you tonight and storm Heaven on behalf of those who lost loved ones in Orlando!



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    A finger wrapped around the Father’s hand cannot point…

    Nice one! Love you

    Jay Wilson

  2. Well said Katie. You’re one of my favorite “word processors” on the Planet!!!

    1. And you are my favorite word weaver!!

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