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“Ever Be”

“Wild and Free”

“Beauty and The Bride” (From what we hold to Who we behold)

“Forever and Ever, Amen”

Finding Our Way Home (LeAnn’s 50th Bday)

“Finding Our Way Home”(Commissioned by the children for their mom on her 50th bday)

“A Gathering of Gold Dust” (Silent Auction Live event painting for Lincoln Village Ministries)

**I would love to paint for you! Email me at Katiewilson40@gmail.com and send me a pic or an idea you would like for me to paint

“I Can See Forever” and “Follow Me (Little Hands Lead the Way)” Gift for friends and forever family)


Little Eden Children’s Home (Painted for a fundraiser)

**Story behind the painting

Ephesians 3:14 (The Message)

“My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth.”

The Lord drew my heart to Kenya in 2012. Little did I know, but my time at Little Eden Children’s Home was written on the timeline of my heart before the foundation of the world. There, I experienced God in some of the most precious and unique ways.  I got to be the Scripture reader during Bible time and I have never felt the power of the Word in such a tangible way.  On my knees, holding the Word of God or little faces in my hands, is where I want to live! I somehow feel we were born to live in this posture, born to walk on our knees!

I was eye level with a sea of the most beautiful dark faces, illuminated by the light in their eyes.  Each child had a favorite memory verse and their worship left me breathless.  “Cast your burdens-come to Jesus-for HE cares for you” resonates in my heart with a thick African accent carrying the melody!  I want my own children to remember me on my knees, kissing their heads, with the Word in my hands!

Having the opportunity to capture Little Eden on canvas is a blessing I will never take for granted. “Making melodies in my heart” will forever be a beauty mark left on my soul.

*story behind the painting:

What a joy to paint and pray over these angels! And what a tremendous blessing to memorialize a moment on canvas! @dashasigurmundsson While painting, these were some of the “Words of Life” I Felt the Lord speaking over these precious children and their family: The background is the Botanical Garden but I had originally started out painting the background as completely abstract. The Lord redirected my hand to make the garden instead. I believe He is reminding us that our original, divine design, the garden before the fall, is still the plan. We were made to walk in harmony, hand in hand with God and one another. The holding of hands was significant : “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!” Psalm 133:1 MSG

I believe God is using and will continue to use this precious family as instruments of light, exemplifying strong ties of love and having the rich experience of knowing Christ with real certainty and clear understanding (See Colossians 2:2 LB)

6×6 Box Frame Faith and Flowers collection

4×6 Box frame Faith and Flowers collection

Freedom, Faith and Flowers Collection

6×6 Box frame acrylic Faith and Flowers Collection

Portarmi in Chiesa (Italian “Take Me To Church”)

20×20 acrylic “Portarmi in Chiesa” (“Take Me To Church” in Italian)

Flowers and Faith

6×6 Box frame acrylic Faith and Flowers collection

Harvest Hollow/Annie Jo & Jackson

Live event painting has truly become my life metaphor! It is taking the journey before the people, starting over when necessary while the world watches, trusting that God knows what He’s doing more than I do. He leads; I follow! Painting in front of people is terrifying and thrilling all at once. I am often as surprised at the outcome as those observing the process:) It is such a blessing to get to pray for a couple the whole time I paint and last night blessed my socks off:) Thank you @anniejo25 @harvesthollowvenueandfarm @hollyjohnson5 for entrusting me with the blessing of capturing a priceless moment in paint! I will get the finishing touches on it and have it back to you next week! #thesearethemoments

“From The Ground Up” Harvest Hollow, Harvest AlabamaThe imperfect Bride of the Perfect Christ Crooked Steeple; Patchwork People Harvest Time: A Time To Gather “Picked”-For anyone who has ever felt “unpicked” it’s time to realize we are PICKED! #2 Bolls of Cotton in Burlap #1 Bolls of Cotton in Burlap “Messy Church”-I think church was made for the messy ones who couldn’t quite color within the lines no matter how hard that tried 🙂 (that’s all of us by the way:) It’s Harvest Time(Lamb Lessons) Lean On Me Tiny Toes and Big Dreams

Collecting My Colorful Crazy

My first oil painting! A commissioned piece for precious newly weds. *Thank you Gina Brown Art for your art class.  http://ginabrownart.com/home.html

check out the artist who taught my vacation art class: http://deborahpenceartist.com

Lily of the Valley Watercolor: Painting class in Kauai

**Check out the artist who taught my art class in Kauai: Deborah Pence


Lavender Lambs (Lavender is the color of GRACE!)

“Nellie Nose Best” Happy Graduation to Anna from The Gibbons “Flocks and Fields” “Holy Cow” “Everybody Welcomed” for Gay Gay


“Wild and Wonderful” Collection: #wildandwonderfulcollection A series of wildflower paintings around the theme BEAUTY FROM ASHES. Many species of wildflowers spring up and thrive in soil that is rich in ashes! A wild, beautiful mess emerges from the remains of forest fires. Ruins do sing; ruins do dance and from the ruins BEAUTY RISES!

FullSizeRender 2

“Happily Ever After”-Wedding gift for the newly weds!


Kairos: Listen, Listen, Love, Love (Week 39)

Watercolor elephant 11×14

FullSizeRender 2

(Week 30) Reflection: The Bridge


(week 24) Orlando Skyline: Encased in God’s Glory

Where do you see the greatest need for reconciliation in your liife?

Week 12- Easter Offers Reconciliation

Week 11-Know Your Why

FullSizeRender 2

Honey From a  Lion’s Carcass: Just another way to say, “Beauty from Ashes” (Week 9) 2016




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