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GENTalks Episode 11: HE Trumps Me

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gentalks-episode-11-he-trumps/id1169472298?i=1000380550895&mt=2 Join in Katie and Kaitlin’s conversation about the many ways GOD’s plans trump their own plans every time! The heartbeat behind each of these conversations is to encourage, share each other’s joy and pain and inspire others to connect with the generations around them. We are #bettertogether! Sift out the gold; go to the entirety of the Love Story […]

GENTalks Episode 10: One Word

GENTalks Episode 10: One Word Kaitlin and Katie open up the new year by discussing the topic of choosing “one word” as a focus for 2017 instead of making countless New Year’s Resolutions. Check out the resource http://myoneword.org for more on the process of choosing #myoneword. Kaitlin’s #myoneword is #focus and Katie wrote about her one word, #harvest, in one […]

GENTalks Episode 9: The Gift of Presence

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gentalks-episode-9-gift-presence/id1169472298?i=1000379241515&mt=2 Kaitlin and Katie close out the year in episode 9 discussing the “gift of presence” in order to remind themselves and others of the real reason for the season. Christmas is the day Jesus came to provide our way back to the Father. HE gave us the greatest gift of presence so that we could be present with HIM […]

GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar

GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar In Episode 8 Kaitlin and Katie have their first interview and it is live and local! Toya Poplar is the epitome of “Open-book living!” She is the author of “Stop Write There” (http://stopwritethere.com) “…an interactive journal that prompts you to probe your heart before and during the creative process. Whether you […]

GENTalks Podcast: (Episode 7) Why Baptism?

GENTalks: Cross-Generational Conversations Episode 7: Why Baptism GENTalks Episode 7: Why Baptism? Kaitlin and I celebrate together in an early morning coffee gab session, as Kaitlin recounts her recent baptism and what it meant to her. We continue our conversations in true unscripted, unedited fashion, simply sharing our lives, hoping to be generational bridge builders! May these talks encourage you […]

GENTalks Episode 6: Collaboration Over Competition

GENTalks Episode 6: Collaboration Over Competition This week Kaitlin and Katie continue Cross-generational bridge building, as they talk about the benefits of collaboration over competition. They share collaborative adventures they have been a part of and encourage listeners to link up, shoulder-to-shoulder, with co-laborers in their cities and communities. #bettertogether Some of the writers, inspirations and sites referenced: http://goinswriter.com/blog/ http://sweetteallc.co/podcast/ (Kirsten […]

Episode 4 GENTalks: A Letter To The Next Generation

GENTalks Episode 4: A Letter to the Next Generation: You have had a suitcase on your bed since the day you were born. It has been slowly closing as you approach this day. Along the way, for the past 16-17-18 years, your parents, teachers, friends, mentors, coaches, authors, musicians, movie-makers, a host of acquaintances and even strangers have been putting […]