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GENTalks Episode 9: The Gift of Presence



Kaitlin and Katie close out the year in episode 9 discussing the “gift of presence” in order to remind themselves and others of the real reason for the season.

Christmas is the day Jesus came to provide our way back to the Father. HE gave us the greatest gift of presence so that we could be present with HIM forever!

Being present, not perfect, is our aim in relationships here on earth. Kaitlin shared her struggle to enjoy the present moment at times caught up in efforts to get the perfect gift or prepare for the next thing. The struggle is real for most of us and Kaitlin generously gives us the gift of “me too” as she shares candidly from the heart. She referenced Shauna Niequist’s book “Present Over Perfect” –

“Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist

– a great gift for anyone this Christmas Season. Buying this gift for herself was a beautiful reminder that our relationships with God and others are the most important things and by investing in herself she is actually blessing the people around her.

Katie shared a story from the Colour Conference she attended several years ago about being present “on the way.” Our journey is the destination! (Colour Conference is a Hillsong women’s gathering, one you don’t want to miss if you can make it to Sydney, Australia. Definitely one for the “bucket list” and you will most definitely return with your cup overflowing –

check out the conference details here – Hillsong Colour Conference

Katie also shared a YouTube channel her son was listening to while she was writing just that morning. She almost told him to shut down the distraction but when she heard Christopher Duffley singing “Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord” –


– she knew God was speaking a “be present” message to her that she thankfully did not miss!

Katie and Kaitlin finish out the 2016 year with the best gift they have ever received, that cost nothing, or next to nothing and their favorite New Year’s Eve memories from childhood.

A huge THANK YOU once again, to the musical talent behind the Holiday blend at the beginning and end of the podcast:

“2mindz is a Hip-Hop producer of good vibes, looking to work with serious minded artist to spread good music out to the world.”

For Beats: https://soundcloud.com/2mindzbeatz

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from GENTalks. May you go into 2017 inspired to link up with someone from another generation in order to glean from and grow alongside one another! #bettertogether

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