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GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar


GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar

In Episode 8 Kaitlin and Katie have their first interview and it is live and local! Toya Poplar is the epitome of “Open-book living!” She is the author of “Stop Write There” (http://stopwritethere.com) “…an interactive journal that prompts you to probe your heart before and during the creative process. Whether you are a seasoned writer, aspiring author, avid Journaler, or a Pastor who would like to publish past sermons; if you are a lover of words and a lover of The Word, Stop Write There is the book for you!”

This is also the first episode with their new intro and exit jingle by 2mindz, A Hip-Hop producer of good vibez. Also looking to work with serious minded artist to spread good music out to the world. For Beats: 2mindzz@gmail.com

2mindz will be working alongside Kaitlin and Katie to keep the beat fresh. Stay tuned-in for future episodes, where the generations continue to come together, blended, old school and new school swag, in melodies and conversations!

**You will also want to check out Melvin Poplar, Toya’s husband and Christian Rap artist, at http://www.proverbalist.com  Amazing talent from and for The King of Kings!

Toya Poplar is not only an author, but she is a talented photographer as well. Check out her photos at , www.poplartreeoflife.com !

Toya, like Kaitlin and Katie, has a heart to see the dividing lines fall, differences celebrated and truth proclaimed unapologetically. She, and local food artist, April Boddie, started “S.O.S: Save Our Sons” http://www.saveoursonshuntsville.com Two Jesus loving, son loving, mamas saying, “We have to do SOMETHING to educate our sons about police pull over conduct.” Together these brave women planned and hosted a dinner and dialogue in which black men spoke into the lives of black youth ranging from ages 14-18. The dialogue is still going and “the walls are a tumbling down!” Toya and April consider themselves “Change Agents” who aren’t afraid to talk about uncomfortable topics. Their only fear is of what will happen if we don’t begin to discuss those things that divide us!

**Kaitlin and Katie echo this heart beat!

And last but not least, Toya discusses a blog series she is in right now called, “40 Days Until 40”- https://stopwritethere.wordpress.com Check it out and be blessed!

The interview concludes with the customary lightening round, but Toya Poplar is in the hot seat! It is a hoot you will not want to miss, so we hope you stick around until the very end. You won’t be sorry:)

Kaitlin and Katie love feedback so please leave a review. Their prayer is that they add value to your world and encourage you to reach across dividing lines, whether it be generational, racial, religious, geographical, socio-economic, etc… and just love well, gleaning from and growing together!

Let us know if you have any questions or if we left out any info from this episode. Keep up with Katie on her blog (you are here:)

and Kaitlin, on her blog at https://kaitlinbrookechappell.wordpress.com

Merry Christmas and Peace Out

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