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GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar

GENTalks Episode 8: Open-Book Living With Guest, Toya Poplar In Episode 8 Kaitlin and Katie have their first interview and it is live and local! Toya Poplar is the epitome of “Open-book living!” She is the author of “Stop Write There” (http://stopwritethere.com) “…an interactive journal that prompts you to probe your heart before and during the creative process. Whether you […]

Holiday Babies

As a New Years Eve baby, I echo my dear friend’s heart in this post! I know you will be blessed by her words and I hope you choose to subscribe to her blog , https://stopwritethere.wordpress.com ! You won’t be sorry but you will be inspired and challenged to take your next best step toward becoming all you were destined […]

31 Days of Hindsight: Day 1

(Rica gets photo creds! I truly didn’t know she was taking a picture but thought this one captured the hindsight theme perfectly!) I am inspired by a dear friend of mine, Toya Poplar, who started a blog series “40 days to 40”, in which she is writing everyday until her 40th birthday.  Although I am well over 40, I too have […]

Cotton: Life Fabric (Week 41)

Cotton: Life Fabric (Week 41) Story behind the Painting: My latest creation is a 3 panel acrylic of cotton.  I painted this series for a young lady who is like a daughter to me.  She just graduated from nursing school and is starting her first “career” job today. This one is for you CT!   When I asked her what […]