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31 Days of Hindsight: Day 15

31 Days of Hindsight: Day 15 Today is day 15; therefore since we are just about at the half-way mark on this 31 day journey, I am adding a reminder of WHY it began in the first place. If today is your first day on the adventure, I hope you will read days 1-14 when you get a chance and […]

“Pride is a Prison” February 25

The things we take pride in will quickly become our prisons if we don’t give them back to God, acknowledging that HE is the giver of all gifts. How can we use those gifts for HIS GLORY?   

My Day 15 of 500 Words: A Letter to my Boys

We recently had a youth pastor live with us for a year.  He turned 21 while in our home.  He is young in age but he also has wisdom that is God-given. However, God always has MORE in store and we always have room to learn and grow. I see him like a son; therefore I will give him advice […]

“To Stoop so Low”: May 29, 2015

 What does it mean “to stoop so low”? According to Google this was the best answer: “It means to willingly fall to the level of a LOW life or a person with LOW morals, hence, “to stoop so low.” I would like to “flip the script” if I may. If we WILL NOT stoop we definitely SHOULD NOT lead!   […]

May 21, 2015 Word Picture-Servant Leadership