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31 Days of Hindsight: Day 15


31 Days of Hindsight: Day 15

Today is day 15; therefore since we are just about at the half-way mark on this 31 day journey, I am adding a reminder of WHY it began in the first place. If today is your first day on the adventure, I hope you will read days 1-14 when you get a chance and I pray the content will add value to your life and the world around you.

May it be the kind of “value” that moves our heart, mind and feet, not just the kind that gives us the warm fuzzy, fluff-n-puff emotional ride. My goodness, I have prayed to not live my life tip-toeing “safe and sound” in the shallow end.

I want my life to always be

a soaking wet,

in over my head,

legit life,

anchored in the hope of Christ.


The WHY behind 31 Days of Hindsight:

I am inspired by a dear friend of mine, Toya Poplar, who started a blog series “40 days to 40”, in which she is writing everyday until her 40th birthday. Although I am well over 40, I too have a late December birthday, December 31st, to be exact and I decided to write consistently every day for a month, while letting the gift of hindsight be my teacher.

Hindsight is a humorous, humbling and honest teacher. Let the class begin!

I pray you leave encouraged and inspired to start your own year-end review. In looking back, I hope you are able to sift out your gold, so that you can glean, grow and go into 2017 with more joy, peace, wisdom and grace than ever before!


31 Days of Hindsight: Day 15

Still moving through my 2016 journals, I found one of my favorite “creativity” passages from God’s Word.

“…Beautiful words stir my heart. I will recite a lovely poem about the king, for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet.” Psalm 45:1 NLT

When I stumbled upon that verse for the first time, I literally did the happy dance!

God created us to create and when we bubble up with:







a willing, welcoming spirit,

a pleasant, peace-offering,

a timely piece of wisdom,


any other creative outlet, that shifts the atmosphere, pointing a watching, waiting, hurting world to the King of Kings,


“In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of TRUTH, HUMILITY and JUSTICE; let your RIGHT HAND achieve AWESOME DEEDS.” Psalm 45:4 NIV (*ALL CAPS ARE MY EMPHASIS ADDED)

When I think about our call to be imitators of God (Eph.5:1) and I see the verse above, it clearly tells me some of the themes that please God, themes like TRUTH, HUMILITY AND JUSTICE.

I am RIGHT HANDED, which means I write and paint with that hand; therefore, as an imitator of God, His Spirit will empower and enable my RIGHT HAND, and yours, to achieve awesome deeds, not for “the kingdom of me” but for HIS! God was whispering in my ear through HIS WORD that what HE creates in and through me will be SIGNIFICANT, regardless of how SUCCESSFUL the world may deem it.

In this era of endless stats and analytics and number of followers or friends etc…, we can get so discouraged in our creative endeavors when we see that they have

“no likes”

“no comments”

“no shares”


is so timely in HIS encouragement and reminders of the WHY!

Below is my WHY! *I would love for you to share your WHY in the comments!


I want to HUMBLY share TRUTH and inspire a call to action that promotes LOVE AND  JUSTICE for the oppressed, voiceless and hopeless through my writing, painting and






I pray his encourages you and please do not think that the RIGHTY verse is not for the LEFTY, because it is:)  LEFTIES are actually considered the creatives. This verse just lets us RIGHTIES in on the dance too:)


Have the best DAY 15 EVAH!

I will see you tomorrow on the other side of the “31 Days of Hindsight” half-way mark!


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