When Ruins Sing...

Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ.

Reasons to Write

Sometimes we just need to encourage ourselves:) Remembering why we write will keep us “write on” writing! We write to add value to the world around us; because we have been blessed by the writing that has washed over and into us through our years! #amwriting

See the Oak Tree Inside the Acorn

Our potential is without limits in Christ! Prepare to be blessed by these encouraging words of my dear friend and fellow “word nerd” Katie Taylor! She is one of the shiniest people I know, a God-arrow for many!

God’s Gift to Us

Watch out world! The next generation has “a fire down in their soul that they can’t contain, that they can’t control” for THAT JESUS! Revival is in the air-Come Lord Jesus!

“Fill’er Up” October 27, 2015

Come Holy Spirit, “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.” Psalm 119:18 NLT Daily Reading: Hab. 1 – Hab. 3:19, Titus 2, Prov. 26:3-12 (Day 300) http://www.biblica.com/en-us/bible/reading-plans/ What is the 1 thing you hear God speaking to you from today’s reading?(Read and write (or Tweet) yours before reading mine:) Tweet It: (If you Tweet yours, I […]

The Sandcastle Days

One of my dearest friends in the years of “littles”. She is not missing a minute of these precious moments! Katie is one of my heroes! Get out the tissue.

Cardboard Testimony: My Story in Light of HIS GLORY(audio messages included)

Source: Cardboard Testimony: My Story in Light of HIS GLORY(audio messages included)

Unwrapping Your Graveclothes

It is my privilege to know and love Katie Taylor, the author of this post. I pray you are blessed and encouraged to live out your holy calling to help unwrap the grave clothes of those being delivered into freedom in Christ who are all around you! GoGod

Celebrating Forgiveness

What a beautiful example of forgiveness and love! Our nation needs this desperately right now! We fight a very real enemy that has been spreading hate since the fall! May we see him for what he is and no longer fight one another but fight the enemy of our soul with extravagant love, grace, and mercy! Forgiveness kicks the enemy […]

I Wonder… June 2, 2015

I Wonder…    #AwakenTheWonder @CatalystLeader @JonAcuff

The Introvert and The Tailgate

One from the archives-a sweet memory to relive and reblog.  It was fun to go back and add pictures from the whole season that tell our “tailgate story” for 2014! God can get all the glory where ever we may be!