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How Do You Define Kingdom Culture? (Diverse Not Divided; Unique We Stand United)

In light of the racial turmoil in our country, I wanted to share a video that is a beautiful reminder of the opportunity we have before us, as The Church, to stand united, yet unique, diverse, yet not divided! We stand shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, to love and serve a lost, lonely and hurting world, not facing inward in […]

Be Strong, Be Strong, Be Strong: Abstract Triptych Series (Week 45)

Check Out My 2016 Painting and Post Goals Story behind the Paintings: One definition of “triptych” is a picture (such as a painting) that has three panels placed next to each other.  “Abstract” is existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.  The number 3 in the Bible symbolizes wholeness.  I chose to do a series […]

Racial reconciliation is so Kingdom!

I pray you are blessed by this message on racial reconciliation as a part of Thrive’s amazing “Thy Kingdom Come” study.  Diverse not divided, unique we stand united!