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(Week 18) The Art of Mothering

**Take a moment to watch the video below-A beautiful example of “The Art of Mothering” lived out! Davidson Farms, A home for Girls-Coming 2017 YouTube **Please also take the time to listen to Jamie Ivey’s Podcast below, celebrating motherhood! She interviews 4 mothers with very different stories but each leaving you encouraged and empowered to cultivate “the art of mothering.” […]

(Week 1) “The Fruit of Freedom: 2016 Is My 9th Year of Freedom”

#BreakthroughOrBust2016 I listed my blogging goals for 2016 in the post, “Be Alert! Be Present! I’m about to do something BRAND NEW!” This is the first full week of 2016 and this is post #1 of 52 for 2016. Below is painting #1 of 52 for 2016: THE FRUIT OF FREEDOM I am a number girl; so I did a […]

“Becoming Like a Child” by Katie Taylor

**I am sharing a blog post by one of my dear friends, Katie Taylor, thefirstdayofspring.net. She and I Co-founded a “city-site” after #Catalyst2014, ourcityonahill.net in an effort to bring our take-aways home with us.  The goal was to connect the bright spots of Christ in our community and bring out the “God Colors” in our areas of influence. Katie Taylor expresses […]

A Story of Hope-September 11, 2001

***Prepare to be blessed! http://www.ourcityonahill.net posted this today!  This site is a community blog that connects the bright spots of Christ in our city.  I am a Co-laborer on this community blog, which was the overflow of Catalyst Atlanta 2014.  When they asked us to take Catalyst back to our sphere of influence, http://www.ourcityonahill.net was conceived and then birthed on Easter 2015. […]

Compel Training

I am celebrating signing up for Compel and responding to a Compel post today.  I  look forward to getting started with 101 training this weekend.   Below is the reply I posted, so I thought I might add it to the “memorial stones” I keep on psalm8110.  As I look back through my writings, I see God’s faithfulness and fingerprints […]

WHAT GOOD CAN A LITTLE MORE LOVE DO? A LOT! (still bringing #Catalyst2014 back to my city)

One of my favorite things about Catalyst is that they give a voice to people you may not have heard of, but who are quietly changing the world in the name of Christ, one simple act of kindness at a time! In this case, it is one simple love letter at a time. The girl behind the “love letters” is […]

#Catalyst2014-Change Makers-Day 2

Loved this quote from Lysa Terkeurst “No time spend recording God’s faithful presence in our lives is ever a waste!” My blogging is simply another way for me to “record God’s faithful presence” in my life; thus NO TIME IS WASTED! My prayer for “The Blog”(sounds like The Blob-and I can’t help but laugh every time I write it:)  is […]

#catalyst2014: Change Makers-Writing my takeaways on my heart & in the BLOG!

No one needs “just another conference”, where one gets pumped up and possibly puffed up, thinking all their “new ideas” are necessary for everyone in their entire sphere of influence! HOWEVER, everyone needs to take time to come together with other believers, cry out to The Lord, humble their hearts, adore their God and thank HIM for HIS Presence and […]