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GENTalks Episode 22: Created To Create

Click Here for iTunes Link to GENTalks Episode 22 Kaitlin and Katie jump straight into a conversation about the creative in all of us. We are created to create. Do you believe that? Creating “your thing” is simply an act of obedience when you know God has asked you to write, paint, speak, sing, act, dance, etc… for “AN AUDIENCE […]

My Day 14 of 500 Words: To The Angry Podcast Man(APM)

I love to listen to podcasts.  In fact I am doing this writing challenge primarily because of The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins. I suspect most people doing #my500words are as well. I am constantly searching for creative or writing podcasts to listen to while running, and I stumbled upon one yesterday that truly made me sad.  I am not […]