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Episode 5 GENTalks: A Letter To The Next Generation (Cont…)

A Letter to the Next Generation (Continued…) You have had a suitcase on your bed since the day you were born. It has been slowly closing as you approach this day. Along the way, for the past 16-17-18 years, your parents, teachers, friends, mentors, coaches, authors, musicians, movie-makers, a host of acquaintances and even strangers have been putting things into […]

Response to “Carry On, Warrior” by Glennon Doyle Melton (One of my heroes:)

In all my Twitter history I have never gotten as much feedback from a tweet. This quote below is grabbing the hearts of my followers and it obviously grabbed mine or I wouldn’t have tweeted it. I would love some feedback from my blog friends:) If the quote below triggers something in your heart, please let me know how and […]

Awkward is the New Awesome ( I added a little shout out to Glennon Doyle Melton:)

Do you feel like the word AWKWARD has new found fame? Does your teenager tend to say it multiple times a day: about themselves about the “ratchet situation” (another awkward new adjective interjected) about others especially about YOU! I don’t remember using that word so much when I was a teenager.  However, I do remember feeling that way quite often. Ok, […]