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Last Takeaway Thursday in the BlogPod Series: #TakeawayThursday5: #BlogPod5: Grit Factor-Gateway Church-Lisa Bevere

**Today is the last #TakeawayThursday in the #BlogPod Series.  I will continue to post the links to podcasts that I love on the “Some of my Favorite Things” Page ! Grit Factor: Gateway Church-Lisa Bevere So today is #TakeawayThursday5 in response to #BlogPod5! Don’t forget to comment on the blog or tweet your takeaways with #BlogPod5 and #TakeawayThursday5. It’s a conversation, like […]

Last in the BlogPod Series: #BlogPod5: The Grit Factor

**This will be the last entry in the #BlogPod series.  Thursday will be the last #TakeawayThursday as well.  I will continue to add podcasts that I love to “Some of my Favorite Things” Page! This is week 5 of #BlogPod: “Blog-Pod”: like a book club, but with podcasts. I’ll share a podcast link each Monday. We all listen on our own […]

“There is a God. I can prove it!”

**I am a Jesus podcast junkie and there are just some that have such a Holy Spirit anointing that I have to share, share the actual podcast link, as well as my take-away.  I pray you listen to the whole message.  It is a game changer: I pray you read to the end of this post!!! You must get to […]