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Angels, Keys and Kids, Oh My (Week 47)

Check Out My 2016 Painting and Post Goals Story Behind The Painting: Above are some of my angel ornaments ready for this Christmas.  I have the blessing of being a vendor at a local Christmas Expo: and the added privilege of being able to share my art at work, alongside a dear friend in her Antique store, which I endearingly […]

Vulnerability 101: Parenting Teens (Week 36) (Guest Artist: Virginia Wilson, my daughter:)

“Does Anyone Recognize This SUV?” I shared this beautiful work of art several months ago on my Facebook page.  Virginia is 17 and I still like to display her paintings for all the world to see:)  Little did I know, this masterpiece would be the perfect feature image for a future blog post. As parents, we want to give our […]

#BlogPod4: Raising Champions: Parenting Beyond Our Capacity-Cove Church/Rica McRoy

This is week 4 of #BlogPod: “Blog-Pod”: like a book club, but with podcasts. I’ll share a podcast link each Monday. We all listen on our own & share the gold in blog-conversation throughout the week via Twitter Twitter.com/psalm8110 or comment on this blog. **Hashtag all comments and tweets with #BlogPod and the appropriate number for the week: #BlogPod4 Each Thursday […]

He Really Is a Good, Good Father

From someone who does not have parents this side of Heaven anymore, I can confidently, joyfully, and peacefully say, “I have a good, good Father, who never takes His loving eye off me, who thinks I am amazing, who delights in me and counsels me with the best advice! His advice leads me on paths that are good, straight, wildly […]

(Week 7) Happy Valentine’s Day to Those Who Will One Day Hold My Children’s Hearts Forever!

Since my blog is an online journal of sorts, I thought it would be a great idea to log this letter for my future daughters-in-law and son-in-law.  Whoever these special people are, they are greatly loved; they have a future home to call theirs and another set of parents who love them unconditionally! Dear future wives of my boys and […]

(Week 6) “Joshua Tree”

So why the Joshua Tree? When I hear something twice in a short amount of time that is unusual to me, I have found it is usually God saying, “Lean in and listen.”  He wants to talk; it is often a bit like a parable and it is always a treasure hunt. Sitting at my daughter’s basketball game, a friend […]

My Hero, My Sister (Excuse me, what did you just say?)

All I heard was Fletcher yelling from the couch.  He was yelling for his sister and he needed her help.  There was absolutely no response coming from the four corners of our home, or from the rest of the neighborhood for that matter.  And as I recall the tone, I am not sure I would have answered either. I asked […]

The Introvert and The Tailgate

The Introvert and the Tailgate: Roll Tide Fall of 2014 I am a sucker for a good TED Talk. In 2012, author Susan Cain presented a TED Talk titled “The Power of Introverts” and she gave words to what it means to be me! She said,”solitude matters and for some people it is the air that they breathe.” Susan defines […]