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Angels, Keys and Kids, Oh My (Week 47)

Check Out My 2016 Painting and Post Goals


Metal Angel Ornaments 2016

Story Behind The Painting:

Above are some of my angel ornaments ready for this Christmas.  I have the blessing of being a vendor at a local Christmas Expo:


and the added privilege of being able to share my art at work, alongside a dear friend in her Antique store, which I endearingly describe as a fragrant slice of Heaven, mixed with a little “Wizard of Oz”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”,  “Alice In Wonderland” and “The Nutcracker” (since it is decorated for Christmas right now:)

Check out this magical place at the link below!


Old River Antiques


why would I choose to showcase only the Angel Ornaments here?


Why in the world would I give this post such a title?

Take-Away Treasure:


If you look closely at the picture above you will see a cross shaped hook, where our family hangs their keys.


if you continue to survey the surroundings, you will see a host of angels strategically encamped around this cross and key station!

I have not put our keys on a cross or those angels there out of superstition or wishful thinking.   That cross and those angels are just visual reminders of the invisible TRUTH! They are reminders that my kids are in HIS hands; they are HIS first and foremost, entrusted to us for just a little while,

and God tells us in HIS Word:

Psalm 91:11 ESV  For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

Psalm 34:7 ESV  The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.

Exodus 23:20 ESV   Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.


Above you will see our “boy bookends”:

Jake, the first born, on the far left, lookin so sly,  on the day he got his license a little over 4 years ago,


Fletcher, to Jake’s right, is cautious but ready to fly!  Fletch now has Jake’s car and his own license in hand.  He drove to school this morning for the first time alone.  I sent out a number of prayer request texts with some of these responses:

—Praying now!!! Studying Angels this week and praying God would send an army to be his accompaniment!!

—Big moment for mama!!!!!! Praying that angels surround his car!!!!  You did it! They are all driving! Way to go mama.

and I have to admit I watched him on the app. below


the whole way until he called me from the school parking lot to let me know he was there safely!

Directly below, you see me and “my middle”, Virginia.


Her “wing-clipping” ceremony was a 2 day process, almost 2 years ago.

She had a sad set back on day 1, when she pulled out in front of someone during her driver’s test.


she nailed it in a triumphant turn of events on day 2.

Now compare the gold above to the treasure chest below.


Can you relate or can you envision relating one day?

It is my nature to process in painting, posts and poetry; therefore, you can probably guess what is coming next:)

“They Were Never Meant To Stay”

Where does the time go?

Or the matching sweaters and blue bow?

How many shoe sizes are now in the past?

I thought jumpers and round collars were made to last.

No one cries for bandaids or screams for sippy cups. 

Noon or 3 on Saturday is when a teenager gets up. 

The sound of 6 little feet running here and there

is now replaced by 4 dragging down the stairs.

I wouldn’t have it any other way;

it’s the way that it should be.

We don’t raise them to stay.

We raise them to one day leave. 

My prayer is that these days,

of all living in one place,

have prepared all our babies

to run their race with grace!


if you find yourself crying,

as your youngest drives away,

remember WHOSE they really are;

they were never meant to stay! 

You may not process like I do but I pray, that by sharing my process, I have given you the gift of “me too.”

You are not alone in any stage of your life.  Others have gone before you, are traveling alongside you and will come after you.

Take hold of the “ropes of hope” extended from those who have gone first. Grab the hands beside you that are walking with you today!


don’t forget to reach back either.

You are the “rope of hope” giving the gift of “me too” to someone else coming behind you!

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  1. This is beautiful! I cannot even imagine my babies driving away, but this is such a sweet reminder that my car will not always be full of their little voices and that we are meant to let them go – trusting God. Excited for Fletcher and a new chapter for both of you! Precious moments!

    1. Thanks for giving me the gift of “me too!”

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