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Vulnerability 101: Parenting Teens (Week 36) (Guest Artist: Virginia Wilson, my daughter:)

“Does Anyone Recognize This SUV?” I shared this beautiful work of art several months ago on my Facebook page.  Virginia is 17 and I still like to display her paintings for all the world to see:)  Little did I know, this masterpiece would be the perfect feature image for a future blog post. As parents, we want to give our […]

What is Writing to You?

There has been enough flexing in this world to last forever and “never let them see you sweat” is terrible advice! Pondering why and what I write. Please share any writing thoughts you have.  I would love to know what writing is to you. Please add to my list in the comments. For me, writing is: therapy,  kindness to myself,  […]

Rejection Hurts

I am being very transparent about my aching heart and the “art of writing” today. The fact that I am writing about being “rejected as a writer” is kind of ironic.  It is like reverse psychology.  I am choosing to do the very thing the enemy wants to snuff out in me.  One of the differences between the enemy’s condemnation […]

My Day 5 of 500 Words

Day 5 of #my500words is here.  I am present and I am writing. February of 2015 started off with the concept of being a “door holder” versus a “door slammer.”   What are the characteristics of a “door holder?” -selfless -“others first” mentality -welcoming -kind -humble How about “door slammers?” -selfish -“me first” mentality -exclusive -rude -proud I want to be a […]

8 is the Number of New Beginnings

New Year’s Eve 2014 marked the completion of 7 years of freedom for me! January 1, 2015 marks the first day of year 8. 8 is the number of new birth or new beginnings and I am eagerly anticipating the next era of adventure Jesus has in store for the 2 of us! I am currently doing a “year end […]