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My Day 5 of 500 Words


Day 5 of #my500words is here.  I am present and I am writing.

February of 2015 started off with the concept of being a “door holder” versus a “door slammer.”  

What are the characteristics of a “door holder?”


-“others first” mentality




How about “door slammers?”


-“me first” mentality




I want to be a “door holder” in every area of my.  I don’t want to be known by my backside in the face of others.  I don’t want to build walls or live in self-preservation mode.

I want to live with my HANDS, HOME and HEART OPEN, regardless of what COULD happen because of my choice to live vulnerably.

I am tire of letting fear of the unknown, failure, pain etc… dictate my “door demeanor.”  

Aren’t you?

People join gangs, cults and radical movements because they have a deep desire to belong.  We all have an innate longing to live for something bigger than ourselves, to be passionately committed to a person or cause, and to go ALL IN for something or someone that revs up our engines.

In sports we say things like:

Good players inspire themselves, great players inspire others.

Leave it all on the field.

All in -All out.

Sacrifice over self.

Play for the name of the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

What we are taught in the game will be carried over into life.  I want to be a “great player”, inspiring others not just myself.  I want to arrive at the grave completely spent, breathless, dirty, and done because I used everything I had in order to leave this world better than I found it.  I dont’ want to hold back; I want to hold open.  I don’t want to leave one foot on the shore with only a toe in the ocean.  I want to head for deeper water, learning to swim along the way.  The only thing I want to slam the door on is Plan B, while laying my life down for Plan A.  I want to sacrifice my wants for the needs of others and I want a jersey that only has a front name, because if I am a “door holder” that is the only name anyone will see anyway.

As I look at my life today, I ask myself:

How’s it going-am I looking more like a “Door Holder”or “Door Slammer?”

What about you?  In your heart of hearts, which do you want to be? And are you living a life that exemplifies your “Door Desire?”

What is your “Door Demeanor” and do you have any changes you want to make?

I am learning along the way:

If I ever say I have no changes to make, then I have some changes to make.  

Humility is the ability to see we always have something to learn and we always have room to grow.  Humility and humiliation are not the same thing.  The humble are never humiliated because they are living a life that says:

At your service.

And who in the world would want to humiliate someone who just offered to carry their bags, wiped their nose, gave them a parking space, paid for their coffee, brushed their hair, handed them a paper towel, washed their clothes, made their meal, took backseat to give them “shotgun” or held the door for them!

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