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The enemy is crafty but not creative: May 26, 2015

The enemy is crafty but not creative! Expect the enemy to try and sabotage your dream and get mad enough to #WriteOn   

Compel Training

I am celebrating signing up for Compel and responding to a Compel post today.  I  look forward to getting started with 101 training this weekend.   Below is the reply I posted, so I thought I might add it to the “memorial stones” I keep on psalm8110.  As I look back through my writings, I see God’s faithfulness and fingerprints […]

WHAT GOOD CAN A LITTLE MORE LOVE DO? A LOT! (still bringing #Catalyst2014 back to my city)

One of my favorite things about Catalyst is that they give a voice to people you may not have heard of, but who are quietly changing the world in the name of Christ, one simple act of kindness at a time! In this case, it is one simple love letter at a time. The girl behind the “love letters” is […]