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Compel Training


I am celebrating signing up for Compel and responding to a Compel post today.  I  look forward to getting started with 101 training this weekend.  


Below is the reply I posted, so I thought I might add it to the “memorial stones” I keep on psalm8110. 

As I look back through my writings, I see God’s faithfulness and fingerprints everywhere! HE IS BEYOND COOL AND OH SO KIND!

My First Compel Reply Post:

I signed up yesterday to start my Compel journey! I have attended 2 She Speaks over the past several years and God willing, I will attend for year 3 in 2016 for the 3rd speaker group. Yay!

Christ, She Speaks and Catalyst have been the primary prompters to #WriteOn over the past few years. I will never forget posting my first Tweet on Jan 1, 2012. I was always terrified of Social Media but it has been a beautiful way to connect with believers and share HIS WORD with, literally, the ends of the earth!

I have always loved to write but doubted my ability.
As faith trumped fear on the writing and speaking front, I began to embrace the journey, welcome the Holy Spirit jitters and depend 100% on Christ to work in and through me; however HE wanted to. It is a daily, moment by moment messy masterpiece:)

I feel part of my personal path is to “edit before the people.”

I do not have perfection paralysis. I often have my trigger finger on PUBLISH before the last word is barely typed. I have found many mistakes and had to “edit live” but I am enjoying the process. I am finding the process is the destination!

My personal blog is Psalm 8110. And Easter of 2015, my sister- in -Christ, friend and Co-laborer, Katie Taylor, and I launched a city blog, Ourcityonahill.net. It was the direct overflow from Catalyst 2014 Atlanta.

We are having a blast getting HIS WORD out and helping to connect the bright spots of Christ in our city, thus pushing back the darkness and building up HIS HEDGE!

We are both students at heart and any opportunity to hone a skill, learn something new or “reach for the cookies in the cookie jar” is a gift we can not pass up!
Compel is a gift we are blessed to unwrap #WriteNow, as we #WriteOn together and with our new #COMPEL family!

I have been moved by #wordsthatmove. May Christ create in and through me #wordsthatmove too!

Katie Wilson
Huntsville, Alabama

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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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