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GENTalks Episode 20: The Messy Middle

Click Here: GENTalks Episode 20: The Messy Middle in iTunes Due to technical difficulties, episode 20 is being published AFTER Episode 21, although recorded before. This is just part of taking the journey before the people! (see Deut. 10:11) In true GENTalks spontaneous and improv fashion, Kaitlin and Katie have a conversation about “the messy […]

GENTalks Episode 6: Collaboration Over Competition

GENTalks Episode 6: Collaboration Over Competition This week Kaitlin and Katie continue Cross-generational bridge building, as they talk about the benefits of collaboration over competition. They share collaborative adventures they have been a part of and encourage listeners to link up, shoulder-to-shoulder, with co-laborers in their cities and communities. #bettertogether Some of the writers, inspirations […]

TOMORROW I AM A GUEST BLOGGER ON {IN}COURAGE-Thank you so much to all of my readers for taking this journey with me!

Hello Awesome Readers, Several months ago, I submitted a post for consideration as a guest blogger on an amazing Christ-centered community blog: (in)courage-Daily Devotional for Women THEY ACCEPTED MY SUBMISSION AND LET ME KNOW THE DAY MY POST WOULD GO LIVE! May 21, 2016 has been starred on my calendar since that update and I […]

My Day 14 of 500 Words: To The Angry Podcast Man(APM)

I love to listen to podcasts.  In fact I am doing this writing challenge primarily because of The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins. I suspect most people doing #my500words are as well. I am constantly searching for creative or writing podcasts to listen to while running, and I stumbled upon one yesterday that truly made […]

My Day 10 of 500 Words: What Does Freedom Mean To You?

“Freedom Writers” is my favorite movie.  I love a true story of hope, life change, unity, reconciliation, love, and freedom. Who doesn’t, right? I have the extreme privilege of journal writing with teenage girls.   This journal writing journey began in 2010 at a local, public middle school.  At first, all I did was sat […]

My Day 6 of 500 Words: “Listen, don’t Lecture, out of Love”

So 2015 marched on… The book of Job spoke to me. How do we wrap our hearts and minds around undeserved pain and suffering? Job is at rock bottom.  He has lost his wealth, health and children. Job is crying out in pain. His grief is overwhelming.  His wife begins to tire of his wailing and tells […]

My Day 4 of 500 Words

2015 rocks on … Take what makes your heart sing and scrap the rest. This gold is not a loan. Anything you glean of value from these words please feel free to claim them as your own. And pay forward anything you deem fit. **I feel that it is necessary to add this disclaimer HERE, […]