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GENTalks Episode 20: The Messy Middle

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Due to technical difficulties, episode 20 is being published AFTER Episode 21, although recorded before.

This is just part of taking the journey before the people! (see Deut. 10:11)

In true GENTalks spontaneous and improv fashion, Kaitlin and Katie have a conversation about “the messy middle” or “the mean-time”, the time we have here on earth between our salvation moment and when we go Home to Heaven. The “messy middle” is where we have a choice:

Will we live a meaningful life in the “mean-time” or will we get sucked into a life “full of meaningless”?

**Check out the slideshow below, just one local example of a city choosing the “meaningful in the mean-time!”

** celebrating 2 years of “meaningful in the mean-time” at ourcityonahill.net

It is set to the full song of our GENTalks into and outro music. “No More Secrets” by Deanna Wood. Happy 2 year anniversary

Ourcityonahill.net https://youtu.be/8xHmfj4btqk

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