When Ruins Sing...

Open your mouth wide and I will fill it with good things...(psalm8110.com)

Meaningful Ink

One of my favorite questions to ask someone is what their “ink” means?

I am captivated by the beauty that others see; therefore, asking about their tattoos usually gives me a glimpse through their eyes. I have been invited to the birth of a baby, the graveside of a loved one, and a wedding on the beach all through the ink I’ve noticed.
I have seen breathtaking, original design on the forearm or calve of the artist, as it gave me a window into their heart and a view from their vantage point.
I have seen tiny foot prints dancing on the chest of a mama, as a memorial stone until she holds her little one again in Heaven.
I have seen a lion that represents the bond between a brother and sister, signifying that they have always had each other’s back in world where no one else did.
I have read song lyrics of celebration and grief and some that were just down right clever.
I have seen some of the most fantastic butterflies and heard stories of metamorphosis that breathe hope in every colorful detail.
I have seen “cover up” ink which ushered me into a hurting heart that was now on the mend. A remnant of the past helps us appreciate the “new” we are becoming.
The crosses and verses and words like: FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, GRACE, and MERCY OVER JUDGEMENT have been creative lighthouses decorating the people God has placed in my path.
I am a NOTICER (Thank you Andy Andrews for that term:) and noticing the GOOD INK in my world is meaningful to me.
What do you notice and why?
What is meaningful to you?
Please leave your feedback in the comments! 🤗

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