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Fascinating Fingernails: Meaningful Differences 

Years ago while sitting at one of our local little league parks, I got the privilege of people watching some of the finest. I am not a huge sports fan, but I am most definitely a people fan. People fascinate me. I am a question asker by nature with my head on a swivel. So, when my eyes locked in on her fingernails touching the ground, I was on a mission. There was a story and I was not going to miss it.

As you can only imagine, in southern small town suburbia, those fingernails were hypnotizing to every ogler in site. If only we were privy to the fiction being written by those watching from a distance.
“Hi, my name is Katie. What is your name?”
The elderly couple looked at me with shocked, but welcoming, open faces. The gentleman, with his hat perfectly positioned, introduced himself, as well as his beautiful, stately wife WITH THE FINGERNAIL BEACONS calling my name!
“Who are you here to see? My son is on the blue team.”
“We are here to cheer on our grandson,” said the woman of wisdom with the curious claws.
“Ok, I have to ask. Please tell me the story behind your fingernails. I was captivated the minute I saw them. Start from the beginning and don’t leave out the tiniest detail.”
They both lit up and laughed. Turning their whole bodies toward wide-eyed me, “It’s probably not near as interesting as you are hoping, but we are glad you asked nonetheless.”
“I was working in an office many years ago and I noticed a lady with nails like these. Both of her hands were delightfully decorated; so, I decided to start letting mine grow.”
“I think she did it so I would have to help her do all the chores. Those nails are not the most conducive to washing dishes, dusting, laundry, cooking… they pretty much get in the way of everything,” he endearingly continued.
They ping-ponged back and forth telling me the story that ultimately climaxed, “I decided one hand was enough; so, I just let them keep growing and here we are today.”
The game was over in no time. I hugged my new friends, carefully I might add, and tucked that moment away in my “noticer” file (which is just my heart by the way)! Needless to say, I got a thousand questions from curious bystanders, but I am the one who received the meaningful gift wrapped up in the DIFFERENT!
Maybe our DIFFERENCES are meant to be conversation starters?
Maybe are DIFFERENCES are meant to be celebrated, not stared at?
Don’t get me wrong. I am sure I have missed a million moments where I could have met a new friend or leaned into the DIFFERENT but the DIFFERENCE now is that I don’t plan to miss many more.
The most meaningful memories are often the ones that take us by surprise; yet, they simply require that we open our eyes
and move toward the DIFFERENT!
I would love to here your stories of moving toward people or things that are DIFFERENT than you and the “meaningful” that you mined in those memories!

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