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I Love You

 People don’t need to hear what we disapprove or even approve of near as much as what we struggle with and how we are surviving in and thriving through!  Before we share opinions may we share our transparent hearts and the hope we hold onto! I love you! 

“Look up!” February 11

The enemy loves to capitalize on anything that takes our eyes off Christ. He aims to devour, derail, distract, discourage, and depress. BUT CHRIST CAME AND THE VICTORY IS OURS IN HIM… In the name of Jesus, we bind the spirit that comes to devour. The enemy has no power over us: “When the wicked advance against me to devour […]

“Everyone is Invited” February 2


April 13, 2015 Word Picture


Redefining The Golden Years

  Have you seen the movie “The Good Lie”? If not, I highly recommend you get it on On-Demand. It is the story of Sudanese refugees who come to America. They survive great suffering and loss; yet, their commitment to God and each other grows deeper through their pain. In the movie, the refugees are asked what their birthday’s are […]