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Full-Nesters (Week 52)

Check out my post from the beginning of 2016: “Be Alert! Be Present! I’m about to do something BRAND NEW” 2016 writing and painting goals Story Behind the Painting: I actually did it! I met my writing and painting goal this year. If you read the post above you saw that I planned to have a post per week with […]

(Week 33) Belmont Blessings

Story behind the Painting: My husband and I are in a couples small group.  One of the mammas from this group asked me to paint a little something for her daughter’s soon-to-be new dorm and home, while I prayed over her college years.  It was an easy YES and a beautiful blessing to do so. Her daughter will be a […]

Winning the Gold – On our Knees

In Christ, we most certainly have THE ANOINTING, not just “an anointing.” May we not waste even a drop of it!! Below is the beautifully expressed heart overflow from a rich weekend of teaching and soaking in God’s Word through the mouthpiece of Beth Moore! Well said my dear friend, Katie Taylor! Thank you for sharing and taking this Jesus […]


I am reblogged this post because it just fell fresh on me all over again-WE ARE ALL MARY! If we are followers of Christ, we have Jesus to “deliver” to the world! And the time is NOW! Just deliver Him with the measure of Faith you have thus far and God will spread and grow what we deliver! To God […]