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Full-Nesters (Week 52)


Full-Nesters (Week 52)

Check out my post from the beginning of 2016: “Be Alert! Be Present! I’m about to do something BRAND NEW” 2016 writing and painting goals

Story Behind the Painting:

I actually did it! I met my writing and painting goal this year. If you read the post above you saw that I planned to have a post per week with a new painting as the feature image. Nothing like meeting the goal on the very last day of the year, and on my birthday as well.

The nest above was a Christmas gift for one of my dearest friends. She had shown me some pictures of nests months ago that she liked; so I decided to fashion a sign just for her.  She has 5 in her nest when all the birdies come home and she has her last senior graduating, come May 2017. She has always been the friend just one step ahead of me on the mothering front.  She gives me the gift of “going first.”  She is one of the best moms on the planet, living fully dependent on God for her parenting advice.  I depend on God and her for parenting advice!  Mike and Melissa have raised 3 beautiful girls, inside and out. They are kind, generous, hilarious and gracious.  All 3 girls love Jesus so much and the world is just a better place because this family is here!

When I think of the greatest gifts of all (since it is my birthday you know:) I think of relational gifts, gifts that are priceless, precious and permanent.  Our relationships with Jesus and others are the eternal gifts that will “beauty mark” our time on this planet and our time in Heaven.

Who has God graced your life with?

Take the time to tell them how much you love them TODAY, as 2016 comes to a close!

I will give you, my readers, the gift of going first:

Thank you Melissa, and the whole Tepool family, for being such a gift in my life! Thank you for awesome memories and for future dreaming together! You are about to give me the gift of going first as the “empty-nesters” and I have no doubt you will shine in that new season as well.

But until then,

we are still “relatively” FULL-NESTERS together!


Take-away Treasure:

What I want to leave you with today are some FEATHER’S FROM MY NEST, praying that it prompts you to collect and share yours as well!  I am borrowing that language from Beth Moore’s book,  Feathers From My Nest: A Mother’s Reflection. Beth shares glimpses of grace from her home and the growing-up years of her now grown, FLOWN, daughters.  She shares timeless truths through authentic family memories, helping us to see the fingerprint of God in our own “normal” (not) families!

Beth gives us the gift of “me too!”

I have chosen 3 of my most precious and priceless feathers to tickle your nose and twinkle your toes with.

FEATHER NUMBER 1: Jake is my dreamer! He is a visionary and an encourager. Jake has the gift of bringing the gifts out in others.  He is persistant, brave and bold with his faith. He is not afraid of conflict or of taking risks.  Jake has high aspirations, is inventive and naturally steps into leadership positions. He knows what he wants and why he wants it. He has the pioneering spirit that all “engineers or detailers” need.

Jake is an oak tree, durable, strong, and deeply rooted.

FEATHER NUMBER 2: Fletcher is my detailer! He is the “get it done” guy that all visionaries need.  Fletch is precise and particular. He says “I love you” effortlessly and profusely! Fletcher means arrow maker and he is most definitely living into his name.  He spends countless hours sharpening and honing and practicing.  He can tie a bow tie like a champ, tell you almost every detail of the “Apple world-wide developers conference” and hit a golf ball like he is shooting an arrow at a bullseye!

Fletcher is an olive tree, tenacious and resiliant, faithful and steadfast!

FEATHER NUMBER 3: Virginia is my dance! She is the whimsy,the soundtrack setting the stage for the DREAMER and the DETAILER! Virginia is music, a mix of melodies and harmonies that move mountains. She is flexible and adaptible in almost any environment. Virginia has the ability to, not just survive, but thrive, in the face of challenging circumstances and she sees the potential for something NEW, when most see the end of what is familiar.

Virginia is a willow tree, hopeful, stable, yet flexible, and a breath of fresh air!



My nest is full for now!

I am grateful!

Whom, in our sphere’s of influence, can we speak words of life over today, being the wind beneath their wings, as they prepare to soar into 2017?

What new metaphors can we come up with as we walk into a HARVEST YEAR?

If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why?

Regardless of our NEST LOAD,

may we leave 2016 grateful for the gold we’ve sifted out


may we enter 2017 hopeful that the BEST IS ALWAYS YET TO COME!

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    So very sweet Katie! Happy birthday and happy New Year!

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