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30 Takeaways From My 30th High-School Reunion

Looking back through a 30-year-old lens gives me clarity bathed in gold dust. I pray you leave this post a little richer and that you are inspired to go on a hindsight treasure hunt of your own. 30 Takeaways From the 30th High-School Reunion: 1) Hindsight is NOT actually 20/20. 2) All of our filters are fractured and fresh. 3) […]

31 Days of Hindsight: Day 2

The count down is officially on to New Years Eve 2016 and my 47th Bday! In case you are jumping in on day 2, I am in the process of doing a 31 day year-end review.  I am allowing hindsight to be my humorous, humbling and honest teacher and I am sharing the gold I sift out here on the […]

The Way My Sisters Shaped Me: Lessons learned at an all girl school

 The Way My Sisters Shaped Me-(lessons learned at an all girl school)  Abigail in 1 Samuel has always been one of my favorite Bible girls.  If you are not familiar with her story, go check her out.  She rocks! Although I didn’t meet her personally (like I really needed to say that haha:), she is my sister and her example […]