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The Way My Sisters Shaped Me: Lessons learned at an all girl school

 The Way My Sisters Shaped Me-(lessons learned at an all girl school) 

Abigail in 1 Samuel has always been one of my favorite Bible girls.  If you are not familiar with her story, go check her out.  She rocks!

Although I didn’t meet her personally (like I really needed to say that haha:), she is my sister and her example has shaped me.  Her integrity is the overflow of a heart in love with God and her humility, wisdom and courage inspire me to make life choices that would make God smile!

In my devotional this morning, “Abigail’s Choice” by Rachel Olsen, this one particular sentence resonated in my soul:

“Her (Abigail’s) example teaches me that I can choose how my circumstances shape my character.” 

Well, upon looking back on my “all girl school” years, this is how I have chosen to let them shape me.

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.

I would say being president of the 14 year club at an all girl school puts me in the expert category on this topic!

Thank you Miss Hutchison! My Memphis memories are highlighted in honey bees:)



Some memories have faded since I up and moved away but the portraits I remember still shape me Day by day

Uniforms and pigtails naps and show and tell Carpool snacks and story time Our Seniors love us well.

As flower girls and maypole dancers we were prepared for a new start. The academics rocked but friendship marked my heart.

Kindness, goodness, loyalty were sprinkled in the halls. My sisters did not trip me they would catch me when I fall.

When you think of girls drama comes to mind. But the sisters I remember lived “no one left behind.”

Academics, sports and art all letters on my page. But my sisters who have shaped me will always steal the stage.

Cars, boys, loss and gain We laughed and cried and then… We lived and loved and laughed some more and said “remember when…”

When looking back, I think you’ll find, The bad was not so bad. The good was even better; “the best we ever had!”

The joy I remember does not discount any pain; It simply means my filter chooses sunshine over rain.

I learned a lot arm in arm with my sisters and our messes. But the hard stuff on the journey stitched our victory dresses.

Their fingerprints were made of grace. That’s where I got my start! My sisters who have shaped me Left their mark upon my heart!

Eternally grateful for the Hutchison senior class of 1988!

I could not find my 1988 year book so my screen shots from 1986 will have to take you back:



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