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The “Why Me” Behind Meaningful Apologies

**This is the last post in “The Story behind the poem – Meaningful Apologies” series.  Scroll past the poem if you have read it already, and pick up with – My “Why ME.” _______________________________________________________________________ **If you haven’t already read my post, “To Anyone Who Has Ever Been Hurt by a White Person” you can click the link below. To Anyone […]

(Week 12) Easter Offers Reconciliation: Where do you see the greatest need for reconciliation in your life?

Where do you see the greatest need for reconciliation in your liife?

Crocus: They significantly symbolize hope and cheerfulness during the end of winter with their vibrancy covering the foothills of cold and elevated mountains withstanding harsh icy winds thus representing floral resurrection and beginning of spring. (**Read more at Buzzle: What do crocus flowers symbolize?) “Wilderness and desert will sing joyously, the badlands will celebrate and flower— Like the crocus in spring, […]


Disclaimer: the lovely picture included is not from Memphis, but from an Atlanta Beth Moore Conference:) It just makes me smile, so I decided to include my up close and personal with Beth (or her poster:) I was in Memphis this past weekend with one of my Jesus Freak friends. She and I have been to several Beth Moore Conferences […]