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Open your mouth wide and I will fill it with good things...(psalm8110.com)

Celebrating Forgiveness

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What a beautiful example of forgiveness and love! Our nation needs this desperately right now! We fight a very real enemy that has been spreading hate since the fall! May we see him for what he is and no longer fight one another but fight the enemy of our soul with extravagant love, grace, and mercy! Forgiveness kicks the enemy between his crafty but dead eyes and it sets us free to love like crazy!

The personal testimonies of the cast members of Watoto’s “Restore Tour: A Celebration of Forgiveness and Restoration” made my heart swell and fixed my eyes on Christ!

This question from the blog post settled in my soul:

“How can we hold grudges, harbor bitterness and resentment, and hate others in the face of such examples? If a young man can forgive those who killed his mother, then how can we do anything less for those whose offenses against us pale by comparison? “

The post goes on in conclusion to say:

“Watoto did not come to entertain us, but to remind us of the transforming power of God’s love and forgiveness.”

I pray you will go on to read their blog post in it’s entirety because it ultimately makes you fall more in love with Jesus and that is what changes this world!

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