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Diverse But Not Divided: Reconciliation, Religion and Race (Week 44)

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Story behind the Paintings:

I am starting a new job in a near-by town.  A precious friend is opening an antique store and I have the beautiful blessing of being able to display my art there.  She sent me several pictures of the historic churches in her area and asked me to pray and paint my interpretation of these houses.  So far, I have only finished 3 of the 6 churches, but I have been praying circles around them all.

The “C” church is colorful and diverse. The “Body” of Christ is made up of different houses, each uniquely gifted and needed, just as the human body has many parts that make up one whole.

“The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ.” 1 Cor. 12:12 NLT

The “C” church is God’s plan to display HIS GLORY AND GRACE! Each house, each “c” church, and each member of each house is purposed for such a time as this!

May we get on with HIS Kingdom cause;


“Thy Kingdom has come” within each Christ follower.

“The kingdom of God never comes by watching for it. Men cannot say, ‘Look, here it is’, or ‘there it is’, for the kingdom of God is inside you.” Luke 17:21 Phillips

Take-away Treasure:

In this fallen world, the divides are countless. In Christ, we are ministers of reconciliation. We are strategically postitioned to bridge the gaps in religion, politics and race, just to name a few.

But the question remains:

Will we lay our lives down for the life of another? Will we welcome the walkers on our backs as we become bridges?

Recently I attended a “diversity dinner” with “Save Our Sons”of Huntsville.

“…This site was created so that all who are interested can find out more about who we are, where we are, where we would like to be as a community and how can we get there as a community of Believers. We consider ourselves “Change Agents” who aren’t afraid to talk about uncomfortable topics. Our only fear is of what will happen if we don’t begin to discuss those things that divide us.”

***Check out the link below for more details!


A night of sharing-potluck, poetry and perspective-is so Kingdom, diverse but not divided, unique and united!

Below is the poem I wrote for this event.  It is intended to be spoken word; therefore the flow is not quite the same when read.  However, the content is what I believe God wrote on my heart to share and LOVE is a universal language!

“Diverse But Not Divided” by Katie Wilson

Divisions come in all shapes and sizes.
The enemy capitalizes
on our compromises.

It’s time we take a stand.
Diverse but not divided; unique we stand united.

We are Brothers by the blood,

in Christ and in our veins;

Satan planting seeds of hate
that fester in our brains.

Sirens that were meant to protect
Satan uses to redirect:
“They can’t be trusted; you’ll get busted.”
Our filters are broken, tainted,rusted.
Oh how our minds have been adjusted!

It’s time we take a stand.

Diverse but not divided; unique we stand united.

Our generation
is seeing a nation

drowning in the aftermath of segregation

claiming there is no discrimination.


It doesn’t have to stay that way;
that is why we’re here today.
Lord, we don’t know what to do

but our eyes are on you.
Show us the first step of something brand-new.

It’s time we take a stand.

Diverse but not divided; unique we stand united.

Complacency, complaints, conspiracies, contempt
satan is banking on our theories.
No one is exempt!

Conversations seasoned with salt
storming Heaven together
to the one we exalt-

Satan is ticked;
he can’t stand it when we stand,
when we’re all together

walking hand-in-hand!
It’s time we take a stand.

Diverse but not divided, unique we stand united!
When the darkness comes to light,
He has no power; we’ve won the fight.
We are children of the day,
not children of the night!

It really is finished!

“New” is always laced with uncertainty
Bound by truth and love,

we will step into it with ever-increasing clarity!

I’m in; are you?
Jesus bring the NEW!

We are taking a stand!

Diverse and far from divided,
Beautifully unique, on tiptoes, we are SO united!

In the words of Ms Evelyn,
“I smell rain! “
Do you?




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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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  1. Hi Katie! Thanks for being a voice of love and encouragement! The world needs more people to stand up and speak from LOVE and be open and accepting and loving of all. We are far more alike than we are different. With love, Liz

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