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My Day 12 of 500 Words: Finding My “Why”: Responding to “Intentional Living” by John Maxwell


“Intentional Living” by John Maxwell

My husband and I “parallel read” first thing most mornings.  I call it “parallel read” because it reminds me of a psychological developmental term:

“parallel play”: a form of play among a group of children, primarily toddlers, in which each engages in an independent activity that is similar to but not influenced by or shared with the others. 

We drink our coffee alongside each other and engage in our independent reading that is similar to but not influenced or shared with the other.

We drift away from “parallel read” time when we start sharing our takeaways and reading aloud the parts that impact us individually.

The latest read aloud was this morning from John Maxwell’s new book, “Intentional Living.”  The part my husband read to me was about finding our “why” and we are encouraged to answer these 3 questions without trying to figure them out before we start writing.   The writing process is intended to help us discover our “WHY.”

What do you cry about?

What do you sing about ?

What do you dream about?

So here I go!

 I hope this inspires you to write out your answers as well.  If you don’t already know your “why”, let’s take this journey together.  We are hardwired to live a life that leaves a legacy;  we are made to make a mark and our souls are hungry for meaning.

What do you cry about?

When I see the lonely mocked by the bully, I can not hold back tears.  When I see the elderly  disrespected by their children, the flood gates open.  Sex trafficking and prostitution break my heart for all of my sisters enslaved and who do not see their worth.  Eating disorders and addiction and abortion rip at my heart because they are the outward expressions of a soul that believes the lies of the enemy, the lies that tell them they are not good enough, pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough, SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH … Controlling, numbing, and trying to cover up only leads to layers of pain and suffering.  I guess the root of what breaks my heart is seeing my sisters and brothers in bondage to anything or anyone.

What do you sing about?

I sing when I see captives set free and ruins rebuilt.  I am a grace junkie and freedom songs are my jam.  I get giddy when I hear a vulnerable heart willing to bear their scares, because it just might save a life!  A rich read, a movie with God-meaning, worship near the water, and coffee all make melodies in my heart.  Give me a journal, colorful felt tips and uninterrupted time and a new song is placed in my mouth.  God’s Word is my Love Song!

What do you dream about?

There will come a day when there will be no more death, mourning or pain, and Jesus will wipe away every tear from every eye,


I dream of ways to add value to the life of another.   I dream about how God made me to let my light shine so that one may see my good works, not me, and praise my Father in Heaven. I dream about writing words that matter and make a difference and offer hope.  I dream of going back to Uganda to Restoration Home and laughing and crying with 42 daughters of the King, talking about who God is and who God says we are.  I dream of going back to Kenya, to Little Eden, to study God’s Word alongside my Kenyan brother’s and sisters,  I dream about going to Costa Rica in January to love on ladies in a women’s prison, hold their babies, hugging their necks and locking eyes with the princesses, dressed as prisoners, and saying:

I love you.

God loves you.

You are smart, wonderful and beautiful.

Don’t ever forget it.

Got it?


I am over my 500 words.  I am tired but I am hopeful. God is sifting out my “why” ,and HE wants to reveal yours to you as well.

I would love your feedback.

 Please share your answers to those three questions with me.  It would be my great blessing to pray circles around your heart-breaks, joys and dreams!

Good night and “sweet dreams.”

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